Monday, 26 September 2011

My Dodo gifts

Hello there.
As promised, here is my post on my gifts from Lord Dodo.
I was looking on twitter and saw that Lord Dodo was asking for people to take a look at his website as they had made some changes, and then leave feed back on the Facebook page
One lucky random person would win a prize.

I love the Dodo range so thought I would take a look and give them a hand.

I left feedback not even thinking about a prize, but was very pleasantly surprised when I received a tweet from him.

I was shocked. I never win prizes. When I looked on Facebook I saw that I was number 22. My lucky number, and my birthday. And Chad Reed wears 22. Lord Dodo informed me that as I joined the Facebook page that day, it was 22nd September. Amazing.

Anyway. My surprise package arrived today.

I was excited. I love getting parcels in the post. :)
Inside was a lovely note from Rebecca at Dodo-pad

Then there was a catalogue.

I started looking at this then remembered there was more inside.

Next I pulled out of the envelope this beauty.

The eyepad. A small notebook made to look like an iPhone. This will be kept in the front pocket of my handbag. A genius idea!!

The next thing I looked at was this.

This looked amazing and would fit into my A5 Finsbury. It is very decorative.

There is a special section in the back cover for VIP numbers :)

And a shot of the back cover.

This slimline A5 address book gets it idea from the full size Dodo address book but is more portable.

Then last, and best of all was this little beauty.

The Dodont forget and save the day stickers.
Now I love stationery, and I really love stickers that I can use in my Filofax!!
These are awesome and I was considering buying some.

How bright and fab are they????!!!!

There are 14 different designs-
Birthday, party, holiday, travel, meeting or appointment, back to school (or uni in my case), games, exams, schools out, doctor or dentist, special day, wedding, christening and Dodont forget.

You won't fail to miss an event with these!!

So there we go. I am VERY happy with my gift.

Thank you Lord Dodo for sending me it.

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  1. I love the stickers!!! And 22 is my lucky number too :-) I really want to try the Acad Pad for A5 Filofaxes but don't know if it's necessary...

    Also loving the eyepad idea haha, when I told my mum I wanted an iPad, she thought I meant an eye patch LOL. But anyway, it all looks really cool :-)

  2. though i can´t see any flickr pictures here at work, i just want to congratulate for your price! i´m also a "never win anything" type of girl ;)

    (can i ask you a question? where did you find your 30 days of blog challenge?? i saw it in so many blogs now, but couldn´t find out, where all of you got it)