Sunday, 9 October 2011

The set up of my pocket Malden

Hello. As promised here is the set up of my pocket Malden aka my life.

The pocket Malden is a fantastic size for day to running of life. A lot easier than the personal. I have decided to name this Malden Scarlet. I think the name suits her.

So we start with the front cover.

As I am using this Filofax as a purse/wallet I have my loose change in the zip compartment. I also have a couple of cards and my train ticket in the other pockets.
The first thing you see when you open Scarlet is the Filofax post-it notes.

I am also still using the bic four colour pen with it, so due to size doesn't fit into the pen loop.

So with this being a pocket Filofax I decided to make my own top tab dividers to give more room for the pen. I am finding that this works well.

We then come to the standard week on two pages diary. There seems to be a lot of ringspace so have got 11 months inside.

Next we come to the purple divider. Behind this we have notes and info.

The orange post-it tab is my Christmas gift list. This tells me what I have bought and for who. The blue post-it tab is inportant information that I might need.

Then we have the second divider.

Behind this we have my little Filofax stickers for events and appointments.

Behind the blue divider we have my to do list.

We then come to silver, the final divider.

This keeps my cards that get used now and again and my shopping vouchers.

I may put another envelope in yet. I'm undecided at the moment.

In the back cover we have my notepad and two cards in the vertical pocket.

I am loving how this Filofax is working.

I am especially liking how the top tab dividers work within it, giving me more room for pens.

So there we go. My blogpost on how I set my Pocket Malden Scarlet up.
Hope you enjoyed it.

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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Top Tab Dividers For Pocket Malden

Hello there.
Today I am going to share with you my new creation.
As I set up my pocket Malden (which I have yet to do a post on) I realised that due to the fact I use a bic 4 colour pen that doesn't fit in the pen loop, I don't have a lot of room between the tabs and where the pens hooks onto the loop.
So, why not make some top tab dividers????
I pondered about it for a while, and needed to make some new ones anyway so put the idea to one side until I found some card I liked.
Then this morning I read this Blog post

Amanda says about making her own tab top dividers!!!! Genius, I thought. "Genius idea" Amanda says.
So I wasn't the only one who thought this was a good idea.

So while I was at the Range Website here I bought some glittery card.

I only use four tabs in my Filofax so only needed four colours.
I cut them out, hole punched them and voila. Home made top tabbed dividers.

So here is the result.

There is now more room for my pen. :)

So what do you think??

Let me know :)

The set up of my pocket Malden is now made. You can find it Here

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Friday, 7 October 2011

My seven day challenge with the pocket Malden

I have decided, that as well as using my pocket Malden as a diary for day to day, I am also going to try it out as a wallet/purse too. I was going to try this with my personal Malden but felt it was just too big.
Will I do it?????
Here goes..................

Day one.
Off to uni today. I was only there for one hour so needed minimal items with me. So I went armed with my Filofax and phone.

I had my cards in the front pocket and loose change in the zip compartment.

All was good today with this system. I like it very much.

Come back tomorrow to see how I get on. :)

Day 2.
Went shopping today. Money and cards still in the Filofax. Had all of my cards together in one place, which was good as some of them used to be in my purse and the rest were in my Filofax.

Day 3.
Didn't go anywhere today to use it.

Day 4.
Went into town to buy my princess balloons and banners for her birthday. Money and shopping list at hand in Filofax :).
Caught the train home from uni this afternoon. Thanks to my purse and filo combo I had my railcard with me.

Day 5.
Uni again this morning. Money and cash card still in my Filofax. I'm liking this a lot.

Day 6.
Uni again for an hour so everything was together handily when I grabbed it to rush out of the door.
E was swimming tonight so I had my Filofax at hand just to catch up on writing appointments etc and my money was there for the choc treat afterwards.

Day 7.
This challenge has come to an end quite quickly. I was at uni today so money, cards and train ticket all in one place again.

I am loving the set up of using my pocket Malden as a wallet/purse. I am going to stick with it. I wish it would have worked with my personal, but it is too big for that purpose I find.

It's now coming up to nearly 2 weeks and I'm still using the Malden as everything :)

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Opening the box-The Pocket Malden in Crimson

Hi everyone.
Today we have an opening the box post on the lovely pocket Malden in crimson. At time of posting, Filofax have this on offer on their website. Follow link
So grab yourself a bargain.

To start with, let's take a look at the box.

It came in a box, not in a sleeve like my personal Malden did.
I like it in a box as it makes it look more expensive.

Then when we open it we are greeted with a 2011 diary.

The filofax I wrapped in lovely tissue paper, which we peel back to reveal the lovely crimsoness.

Isn't she a beauty.

On the inside cover there is a zip compartment and three pockets for cards etc.

Then we get to take a look inside.

The dividers that comes with it are already categorised. I'm not a big fan of this. I prefer numbers or even better, plain tabs so you can decide yourself what they are going to be.

A 2012 diary was already inside and I was pleased to see it wasn't the 5 language diary.

Then we come to the black today page marker and To Do pages.

Next there was the finance pages.

Then there were sheets of blue, orange and lilac paper.

We then come to the address pages and the tabs with 3 letters.

Finally we have a clear envelope and behind that there is a slot for a notepad and a vertical pocket too.

There is also a full length pocket behind too.

The colour is gorgeous and the leather smell is even better.
My next blogpost will be how I set this lovely piece up.
See you soon

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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Authentic Kinesioprecut review

I'm going to do a slightly different review today.
I took up running earlier in the year and recently took part in a 5km event. I don't like to call it a race as I was only running for me.
Anyway, I encountered an injury which has been a niggle on and off for a few years. I struggled to walk for the next couple of days, but rested it and didn't run.
I went for a short run last Sunday and aggravated the knee again so thought I best get some support for it.
Whilst in boots this morning I saw a product called Authentic Kinesio. Link here for website

They do various tapes for different injuries but I saw the one for knee and thought I would give it a try.
The tape goes over and around the muscles to help strengthen and support them while maintaining full movement.

I must admit it did look daunting when I took the tape out of the packet.

So I followed the instructions and applied it to the poorly knee. Once I got started it was easy to apply, and didn't take long.

It is very light weight and you can't really tell you have it on.
The leaflet says you can wear it for 24 hours a day for up to three days. It is also waterproof and you can exercise whilst wearing it.
So I will see how I get on with it and post back each day over the three days.

If anyone else has used this item, comment below and let us know your thoughts on it.

24 hours later.
This is amazing. My knee felt better straight away. Although I must admit I didn't want to believe it incase it was just psychological.
I woke up this morning, and it was like I hadn't hurt it. The only time I have felt any pain was when I was late for the train, so was rushing to get to the station. By the time I got off the train it was fine.

48 hours later.
Things are still looking good. No pain at all today. The tape is still on after showering. Went shopping this afternoon with no problems.

72 hours later.

See you soon.

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