Friday, 2 December 2011

Wreck this journal. A review.

Wreck this journal-Keri Smith.

I have been following this book for nine days now, and have been asked to give some feedback on it.
This is not a journal for serious writers. It is intended as fun, and as the title suggests, to wreck it. Every page shows a different way of causing harm to the book which would usually go against most people's beliefs of treating a book.
It isn't dated, as you choose at will which page you wish to follow, and there isn't space for 'normal' journaling. You basically follow the instructions for that particular activity.

Some examples of pages within the book are;
Crack the spine.
Poke holes in this page using a pencil.
Colour this entire page.
Tear out the page and crumple it.
Close the journal. Write/scribble something on the edges.

I personally think this book is fantastic. To start off I did feel bad about the things I did to it. But now, I see it as 5 minutes of fun in a day.
You create memories by following the pages, so in that respect, is a journal. It has created a liking amongst my twitter friends who enjoy seeing what I blog each day.

I would recommend this book as a lighthearted, fun activity. It is not for serious journal writers. Anyone who wants to do something different, or likes challenges should buy it.


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  1. I bought this as a gift a few years ago for someone and I've always had crush on it!