Monday, 23 April 2012

Why I changed from Personal to Pocket Filofax

Today I am going to blog about my decision to move from personal size Filofax to pocket.

Here are my reasons which I will go through.

Diary space.

I use my Filofax for my everything. It serves as my;

To do.
Coupon holder.
Password reminder.
Someone to cheer me up.

I thought I had all of that when I found Iggy the personal Enigma which I blogged the set up Here
He filled all of the purposes shown above.

My move to personal was only meant to be temporary leading up to Christmas. It enabled me to track successfully my Christmas section Here
Then once I bought the Day-Timer diary I fell in love with monthly tabs. Iv never seen these available for pocket Filofax so stuck with personal.

Now I'm coming to the end of my uni course I don't have anywhere near as much to write in my diary. No lectures/seminars/deadlines/to do etc. This got me thinking. Why do I need such a big diary? It's depressing when you look at it and it's empty. You can only fill it with so much crap to try and make it look interesting, and it is more cumbersome to carry around than a pocket. I got chatting with Imy one night on FaceTime and she felt the same. She did a Blogpost on it.

We came to the decision a pocket move was in order. As I loved the personal Enigma I decided to get the pocket Enigma and call him Ziggy.

Here they both are.

I said about my diary looking empty in the personal size, so here is a pic of this weeks diary with both the personal and pocket.

And here is last weeks.

A lot of the to do's in pink I don't really need to have in the diary. It's just a checklist.
And since I have made my own monthly tabbed dividers Blogged here I am happily back in a pocket set up. It ticks all criteria for my "everything", is more portable, fully functional, and the right amount of diary space.


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My Enigma Love

Hello everyone. Today I thought I would introduce you to my Filofax Pocket Enigma. As I no longer need a lot of diary space I decided to move down from personal to pocket. But that is a different post to come soon. **update** now here**
So here is my Pocket Enigma Ziggy.

I adore the enigma in vermilion and am so excited about this set up.

I am using my Bic Fashion pen. I know it doesn't really match the colour of the Filofax but I love having different coloured ink instead of the usual black and blue. I have my two most used cards at the front and in the little pockets I have my note money. In the zip pocket I have have steps and little notes. On the right there is my ever faithful dashboard that I blogged about Here

On the back of my dashboard I have my sticky hot lists from Day-Timer. Then there is a photo of my girls.
I am so excited about this next bit. I have never got on with dividers in pocket when I have my Bic pen in the loop and started using top tab dividers that I made myself. After a long think, I came up with a genius idea. Why not make some top tab dividers to match the enigma.
So I printed off a picture I found on google and made three dividers.
Here is the first.

Isn't it fantastic!!!!

Behind the first tab I have note paper. It is Hello Kitty from Yasmin who sent me a full set of Hello Kitty inserts :).

Behind the second tab is my information section. It has personal details, Filofax registration number, passwords, Esmé's alphabet learning and anything else I need in there.

Then we have my third tab. Now this one might change. It currently is my address tab. As I only have 6 addresses in there, they might get moved to the information section and this be something else.
Then comes my diary.

I'm currently using a month on two pages tabbed that I made myself from Hello Kitty monthly diary pages. Above you can see the front of the tab, then below, the back.

I made the tabs from A-Z tabs from Filofax, 2 letters per tab.

I'm also using a cotton cream week to view ruled diary from the Filofax website in Germany. I love this diary set up. Especially how Saturday and Sunday are the same size.

Next I have a clear pocket with stickers in it for decorating my diary etc.

Then we have a clear pocket with coupons in for shopping and a card holder with store cards in.

I use the popper pocket at the back for holding money.
I love being back in a pocket.

It's so much easier to carry around.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!!
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Friday, 20 April 2012

Filofax Dashboard

Hi everyone.
I have been asked to do a post on my Filofax "Dashboard". My dashboard is my first port of call when I open my Filofax and holds information that is quick to access. My dashboard at the moment is the Filofax assorted sticky notes small-pocket. They can be purchased Here

I use my dashboard to keep track of the family, my to do list, shopping list, and anything I need to remember.
So here is my dashboard.

The orange post it is for my eldest daughter. The pink post it is for my youngest daughter. The yellow post it is for my other half. The blue post it is for things I may need to remember. And the big post it is for my shopping list and also my to do list.
So here is how my dashboard looks today. I haven't written my to do list on there yet.

So we can see that my eldest hasn't got anything coming up at the moment. My youngest has got a school trip on Wednesday. My other half is away next weekend and I need to remember next time I'm in Aldi to look for that wine. Then there is my shopping list to get things in for lunch today.
The good thing about the dashboard is you can change it to suit your own needs. I do use it for general to dos, appointments and everything I need to remember. I only started this one yesterday so I may tweak it a bit and change the post its on it.
Here is a picture of the dashboard on my personal Filofax.

This one was also the Filofax sticky notes for Personal size Filofax. I had used the original post its that were on there so used my own.

I hope you find this post useful.
Thanks for reading.

I have had a play with my dashboard on my pocket enigma now, and have personalised it. When I open my Filofax I like to be happy with what I'm greeted by, so by making my dashboard unique I can do this.
I have basically taken off all of the original post its and put my own on.
So here we go. My dashboard.

It is basically the same design that I used on my personal Enigma. I loves the colours on that on and as the saying goes,
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Filofax Enigma. The follow up

Hello. As promised here is my follow up post to Filofax Enigma-Love it or hate it?
The vermilion seems to have gone down well with the majority of people. There were only a couple of comments both on Twitter and my blog that said it wasn't for them. It appears to be the case that the red colour in the vermilion makes it less "squashed snake" like. However, people also agree that the Enigma isn't worth the £195 that Filofax are selling it for.
I absolutely LOVE this Filofax!!!!!! I love the colour, the softness, everything in fact!! Haha.
So let's have a quick tour of the set up.

Here we have my little beauty. I've called him Iggy.

On the inside pockets I carry my most used cards. In the pocket behind that I carry money. Well notes to be more precise. In the zip pocket I have stamps, and little notes/keepsakes. I am using my Bic 4 colour fashion pen that I just hook on to the pen loop.

Then we have my old faithful dashboard. This is a new one I made to go in here. It is my first port of call when I open my Filofax and has shopping lists, notes and to do on there, and general reminders. It also acts as my first tab.

On the back of my dashboard I have some daytimer self stick hot lists. These are good for the weekly shop or if I have a day where I have a lot to do.

Then I have a pic of my girls and a selection of note paper.

Then comes my second tab. This is my "happy section" and starts with train notes for when I go to London in May :). It also has notes that Imy has sent me and pictures that Esmé has done for me.

Then comes the information tab. This has personal details,

The Filofax lost and found page,

Passwords to remember etc, addresses.

On the left in this pic is the letters that Esmé is learning, and how to write them. This is very handy when out and about and I need to describe how to write the letter w for example.
Then we have my diary. I am using the daytimer monthly tabs and a Filofax German cotton cream week to view ruled.

Next we have a clear pocket where I keep my stickers. I
Love making my Filofax look pretty. :)

Then I have another pocket with coupons in for shopping.

Then I have my cards at the back in a card holder.

And finally in the popper pocket in the back cover I have my money.
I hope you enjoyed the tour.
Feel free to leave comments
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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Filofax Enigma-Love it or hate it?

Hello everyone. Today we are going to take a look at one of the more controversial Filofaxes that
People either "Love" or "Hate". It is the Personal Enigma in Vermilion.

It can be purchased from Filofax Here currently at the price of £195. Now I shall tell you now that I didn't pay anywhere near that much as I bought mine new off eBay.

I was intrigued by this filofax as Filofax describe it as follows.
"The world's a catwalk so make Enigma your personal style statement. With a heady mix of luxury soft snake print leather and multi-tone colour effect, the Enigma personal organiser exudes an air of individualistic flair. Width 130mm, height 193mm."
I have seen blogpost comments that describe the Enigma as "Squashed snake" and "Roadkill". Upon opening it, I think it is beautiful.

It is very soft, and the colour is amazing.

I love the little f on the fastening.

The photos have come out very true to the actual colour of the Enigma too, thank you iPhone 4s.
The inside at the front is the same style as the Personal Deco with its card pockets and zip section.

The Enigma I bought was the London Fashion week edition.

It comes with cotton cream week to view diary and cotton cream inserts. The back pocket is the same as the Deco but opens the other way.

I love the Enigma in Vermilion. It is a gorgeous colour and very soft and stroke-able (if that is a technical term haha). I can see that people may consider the enigma in Brindle as squashed snake, but I think the red tones in the Vermilion carry it off.
The big question though is, "Do I think it is worth £195?" the answer to that is, No I don't. I would not have paid that much for it.
But, I am going to set myself a challenge. I'm going to use this as my "everything" Filofax for the next week and see what other people think to it. My aims will be to see if people like it, and whether they think it's worth the money.
Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave comments on what you think to the Filofax Enigma.
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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Filofax Pennybridge set up

Ok. So I have finally got round to blogging my set up in the Pennybridge that I purchased from City organiser

I do really like this Filofax as it has everything you would need in a Filofax/wallet combo. I just miss the Filofax 'love of my life' my personal Deco so going to go back to her for a while.
So here is the set up.

The left hand side of the pennybridge is the wallet section. Here I have my cards and coupons that I use regularly.

I use the zip section for coins.

Then there is room for more cards and a pocket at the back for notes.

I just have a small dashboard in the pennybridge.

I don't use dividers in the pennybridge as she only has 15mm rings, but do like this divider so kept it in.

I have my train info inside for when I go to London. Eeeek, exciting!!!

And I still have my Christmas decoration from Esmé inside.

I made my personal detail page look pretty with stickers from Imy. :)

Then I still use my day-timer monthly tabs. I'm currently using Filofax cotton cream week on two pages diary. It is the ruled one from Germany. I like having the lines.

Tucked in the back I have some stickers and notes.

I do have a few other things inside such as passwords, important addresses, note paper, two clear pockets with coupons etc, but 15mm rings doesn't allow you to carry much.

So there we have a quick look into my set up of the Filofax compact Pennybridge.

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