Monday, 23 April 2012

My Enigma Love

Hello everyone. Today I thought I would introduce you to my Filofax Pocket Enigma. As I no longer need a lot of diary space I decided to move down from personal to pocket. But that is a different post to come soon. **update** now here**
So here is my Pocket Enigma Ziggy.

I adore the enigma in vermilion and am so excited about this set up.

I am using my Bic Fashion pen. I know it doesn't really match the colour of the Filofax but I love having different coloured ink instead of the usual black and blue. I have my two most used cards at the front and in the little pockets I have my note money. In the zip pocket I have have steps and little notes. On the right there is my ever faithful dashboard that I blogged about Here

On the back of my dashboard I have my sticky hot lists from Day-Timer. Then there is a photo of my girls.
I am so excited about this next bit. I have never got on with dividers in pocket when I have my Bic pen in the loop and started using top tab dividers that I made myself. After a long think, I came up with a genius idea. Why not make some top tab dividers to match the enigma.
So I printed off a picture I found on google and made three dividers.
Here is the first.

Isn't it fantastic!!!!

Behind the first tab I have note paper. It is Hello Kitty from Yasmin who sent me a full set of Hello Kitty inserts :).

Behind the second tab is my information section. It has personal details, Filofax registration number, passwords, Esmé's alphabet learning and anything else I need in there.

Then we have my third tab. Now this one might change. It currently is my address tab. As I only have 6 addresses in there, they might get moved to the information section and this be something else.
Then comes my diary.

I'm currently using a month on two pages tabbed that I made myself from Hello Kitty monthly diary pages. Above you can see the front of the tab, then below, the back.

I made the tabs from A-Z tabs from Filofax, 2 letters per tab.

I'm also using a cotton cream week to view ruled diary from the Filofax website in Germany. I love this diary set up. Especially how Saturday and Sunday are the same size.

Next I have a clear pocket with stickers in it for decorating my diary etc.

Then we have a clear pocket with coupons in for shopping and a card holder with store cards in.

I use the popper pocket at the back for holding money.
I love being back in a pocket.

It's so much easier to carry around.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!!
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  1. yay pocket!!!!! It looks sooo good :) Cannot wait to officially move to mine :) x

  2. Love the set-up! And i'll say it again, these dividers are sexy!!
    Can't wait to see more about the personal/pocket switch xx

  3. Love the dividers! And Hello Kitty is sweet. Like to get HK and not Snoopy for 2013! xx

  4. I did have the Hello Kitty Dividers in there. But with me having the Bic four colour in the loop, it bends the tabs. Hence me going back to top tabs.
    I absolutely LOVE THE TABS!!!!!!

  5. Those dividers you have made are excellent, It's a great idea too I'm sure others will want to know how to create something similar and will be copying the idea.

    Not everyone is uber creative when it comes to being arty and designing dividers. But those just look perfect to me. I bet you are pleased the way they have turned out.

    Also love the matching Pocket and Personal... nice touch.

    Well done.

    1. Thanks Steve. I must admit I am quite smitten with them. They look fantastic in there. I don't even know what made me think of making matching ones. One minute I was thinking that I would have to make some top tab dividers as the others weren't working, then all of a sudden I'd gone from making plain ones, to googling red snakeskin. Haha

  6. The dividers are beautiful and I commend you for your creativity. I have been considering purchasing a pocket Filo to use as a wallet.

  7. Those matching tabs are excellent!

  8. Quick question - did you have to do anything special to order diary inserts from the German Filofax website?

  9. Again, LOVE,! :) and love how you made those tabbed months !!! Xx