Thursday, 17 May 2012

My Coleto companion for my Filofax

Hey everyone.
I was very excited to receive my package today from Hong Kong. Inside was my Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 5colour gel ink pen.
I ordered it off a company on eBay. You could choose the barrel colour, then choose 5 from either the gel inks, pencil or stylus.
I went for the black barrel with the inks-black, green, violet, pink and aqua blue.

Now my main concern when ordering this pen was the size. As I currently use the Bic 4 colour fashion pen I didn't want it to be any bigger as the Bic only just fits in the pen loop of the Pocket Chameleon.
So I was quite surprised to find there wasn't much difference in size.

However, I was disappointed to find that due to the rubber pen grip, I couldn't get the coleto to slide in easily (this is something I found with the purple Bic 4 colour fashion pen).
But worry ye not. I usually come up with a solution when I put my mind to it, and on this occasion I did.
I cut two pieces of Hello Kitty washi tape and placed it over the rubber grip.

This solved the problem and slotted in no problem.

Then to test the pen.
The inks are 0.4mm gel pen so I was concerned about possible bleed through. So I tested it on my cotton cream diary to see. This shows the colours.

Then this photo shows the other side of the paper.

No bleed through.
So there we go. I'm very happy with my new pen, and Pascal Chameleon is very happy with his new companion.

My next task is to decide how to assign the new colours in the diary.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I've got a four color one, called the "lumio." Fits my penloop just fine. I find the .4 points a bit too thin and slightly scratchy in feel, but it's great for portability and being able to keep up my color coding when on the run. At my desk I use my Zebra Sarasas which have the same ink colors but much bolder tips and wetter lines. I do notice that the coleto refills run down quickly, mother reason to use them sparingly! Glad you were able to get one of these! Surprised they're not sold in the UK?

  2. Nice! Good idea to put tape over the rubber grip. I use a pocket Chameleon and that loop is verrrrry tight! I use a purple Frixion 0.7 refill in a Frixion 0.5 barrel to solve the problem.