Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Filofaxtour2012

Today I have for you quite a photo heavy blog post, so be warned.
On 9th August me, Esmé and Melissa set off on an 8hr train adventure to stay with the lovely Imy

When we arrived in Truro, we were greeted at the station by Imy. This was to be the beginning of the #Filofaxtour2012.

Imy had printed off some signs to put in the back window of her car.
The first place we called at was Staples in Truro.

The staff were very friendly in Staples, but their Filofax display wasn't very impressive.

Next we went to check out the back to school range at Sainsburys and to buy supplies for a BBQ that night.
Esmé Filofaxing.

Lis and Esmé at the BBQ.

On Friday we went to Healey's cider farm, cos you can't beat a bit of cider when browsing through your Filofax at night.

We went on a tour of the farm and a tractor ride.

On Friday afternoon we went to Dodo towers home of Lord Dodo.

We had tea and cakes with the lovely Rebecca and made some purchases.
Lord Dodo gave Esmé an Eye-pad.

From left to right- Rebecca, Esmé, Imy, Tracy, and Melissa.

We spent Friday night drinking cider and Filofaxing.

On Saturday, the #Filofaxtour2012 took us to Plymouth.
This was the Filofax display in WH Smith.

Very impressive.

Esmé with the purchases.

We called in at Paperchase and even got a retweet on Twitter from them.

Other shops visited on Saturday included Rymans and Asda.
On Sunday, we had a pretty chilled out day and headed to the beach. That evening we watched the Olympic closing ceremony with Filofaxes and beer.

My pretty purchase from WH Smith.

Monday was our last morning together on the #Filofaxtour2012. We headed back to Staples, Tesco, and WH Smith in Truro.
Then it was time for us to travel back home.

We had a fantastic time at Imy's and can't wait to see her in September for the Philofaxy meet up.
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Saturday, 4 August 2012

August blog challenge-Day 4

Day 4-where do you belong? Where are you most comfortable?who makes you feel that way? Is it easy or difficult for you to find places where you belong? Do you belong to a lot of different groups?

I consider myself to be quite anti-social. I rarely go out or attend parties or family gatherings. I like the space of my own home, and being there makes me feel comfortable. I don't have many friends that I see regularly, just a few close ones.

One of the main groups outside home that I feel comfortable in is the Philofaxy group. They are like a family and I chat with them on twitter and Facebook daily. In fact I talk to them on twitter than I do most of my actual family. Not many people understand my passion for Filofaxes or stationery, but here you don't get judged and we have fun.
We swap ideas, share pictures on things we have bought or want, and have a laugh.
We have meetings in London a few times a year, where we have lunch and chat, and have recently started going to the City Organiser shop to browse or buy.

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August blog challenge. Day 2 and 3.

So I have been pretty rubbish up to now with the blog challenge, so I'm gonna do day 2 and 3 in one post in an attempt to catch up.

Day 2- what's you're first internet memory? Tell us what you were into and when you first started on the interweb. How different is it from your Internet life now? What were some of your first usernames?

Gee. I can't really remember my first Internet memory. I only got proper home broadband a year ago. Before that I had a Vodafone dongle for about 4-5 years. Any internetting (is that a word??) that I needed to do was done on my phone to be honest and I felt at the time that I wasn't really missing anything.
My sister set me up with an email account, as at that time she lived at home and my parents had the Internet.
When I did finally get connected I didn't really do a lot. I had a facebook account but rarely went on there.
My Internet life is soooo much more different now. I live on twitter and Facebook and love reading blogs. I check my emails frequently and feel like my arm has been chopped off if I don't have a signal on my phone or wifi.
In fact one of the first things I do in the morning is a twitter/Facebook/email check.
Unfortunately my usernames have almost remained the same. I'm usually icclewu for everything.

Day 3-do you feel like an adult? If so, when did that happen? If not, why not?what is the most surprising/disappointing/awesome thing about being an adult?

Ooh, now this is a hard one. The dictionary describes adult as "A fully developed person from maturity onward".
At the age of 34 I suppose I'm about as fully developed as I'm going to get. After just finishing uni as a mature student I suppose I am an adult. When I was young I remember my uncle being 24 and thinking he was old. When I got to 24 I didn't feel old at all and couldn't believe I had had those thoughts as a child.
I don't feel like an adult. When in company of people who are older than me, I see them as adults but not me. Maybe in Freudian terms I'm stuck in a stage somewhere, constantly regressing???

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Friday, 3 August 2012

Our amazing sunflower

Hey everyone.
This is a quick post today to show you the progress of our fast becoming gigantic sunflower.
We originally had sunflowers last year, so most of our flowers this year have grown from the seeds dropped.
We planted a row of sunflower seeds on May 20th.

However, most of these got attacked by slugs.
It was then that we realised that the stray sunflowers were growing, so we did our best to protect them.
This was the sunflower on July 9th.

It featured on my Instagram as photo a day for July under the title of Big.
Then here it is two weeks later.

He was about 6ft 3 by then.
I have been out to measure him this morning and he is a whopping 7ft 4 tall.

I don't quite know how much more he will grow, but there is no sign of a flower yet.
I will keep updating this post to let you know.
****UPDATE AUG 7TH****
We have had another measure tonight.

The sunflower is a rather impressive 7ft 10.
****UPDATE AUG 13TH****
I arrived back from Cornwall tonight after a few days away to an astonishing sight.
Mr sunflower is now a whopping 8ft 10 tall!!!!!!!!

And, still no flower in sight. I'm beginning to think its a beanstalk??!!

****UPDATE AUG 19TH****
Well, we have been out to measure the monster again this evening and he is amazing!!

Standing at a fantastic height of 9ft 4 he is definitely towering over us. And still no flower.
Stay tuned for more info.


Well mr sunflower did finally open and he reached a whopping 9ft 7 tall!!!!

I am surprised he is still standing, the weight of the flower must be unbelievable. He has drooped considerably since coming out.

I had to lay on the floor to take the next photo.

The other sunflowers.

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

August Blog Challenge

Hey everyone.
A friend of mine has decided to do a blog challenge for this month, and I thought it would be pretty cool if I joined her.
You can find Zoe's post here.
 I like blog challenges, and although this challenge is based on  video blogging, I'm going to adapt it to fit it with my normal blog (not keen on videoing and so far only done one youtube vid).
Here is a link to the challenge VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August).
So, todays post is.
 Introduce Yourself (Let us know who you
are and how you got here. Bonus points if you tell us why you joined and what
you hope to get out of VEDA).

Now most people who are regular readers of my blog may find this one boring. but for any newcomers, here goes.
My name is Tracy and I'm 34 years old. I have lived in Gainsborough Lincs for most of my life. I am the eldest child of 4. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and am roughly 5ft 4. I have two daughters, Melissa (13) and Esmé (4).
I started this blog about a year ago and enjoy blogging about things I love (mainly Filofaxes and stationery). The reason I have decided to do this challenge is to keep my mind working and to focus me on blogging more often as I have become quite slack lately. I hope that by doing this I will start to regularly blog again and get more page views haha.
Come back soon for the next post in this challenge, and if you fancy it, then join us.