Saturday, 4 August 2012

August blog challenge. Day 2 and 3.

So I have been pretty rubbish up to now with the blog challenge, so I'm gonna do day 2 and 3 in one post in an attempt to catch up.

Day 2- what's you're first internet memory? Tell us what you were into and when you first started on the interweb. How different is it from your Internet life now? What were some of your first usernames?

Gee. I can't really remember my first Internet memory. I only got proper home broadband a year ago. Before that I had a Vodafone dongle for about 4-5 years. Any internetting (is that a word??) that I needed to do was done on my phone to be honest and I felt at the time that I wasn't really missing anything.
My sister set me up with an email account, as at that time she lived at home and my parents had the Internet.
When I did finally get connected I didn't really do a lot. I had a facebook account but rarely went on there.
My Internet life is soooo much more different now. I live on twitter and Facebook and love reading blogs. I check my emails frequently and feel like my arm has been chopped off if I don't have a signal on my phone or wifi.
In fact one of the first things I do in the morning is a twitter/Facebook/email check.
Unfortunately my usernames have almost remained the same. I'm usually icclewu for everything.

Day 3-do you feel like an adult? If so, when did that happen? If not, why not?what is the most surprising/disappointing/awesome thing about being an adult?

Ooh, now this is a hard one. The dictionary describes adult as "A fully developed person from maturity onward".
At the age of 34 I suppose I'm about as fully developed as I'm going to get. After just finishing uni as a mature student I suppose I am an adult. When I was young I remember my uncle being 24 and thinking he was old. When I got to 24 I didn't feel old at all and couldn't believe I had had those thoughts as a child.
I don't feel like an adult. When in company of people who are older than me, I see them as adults but not me. Maybe in Freudian terms I'm stuck in a stage somewhere, constantly regressing???

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