Saturday, 4 August 2012

August blog challenge-Day 4

Day 4-where do you belong? Where are you most comfortable?who makes you feel that way? Is it easy or difficult for you to find places where you belong? Do you belong to a lot of different groups?

I consider myself to be quite anti-social. I rarely go out or attend parties or family gatherings. I like the space of my own home, and being there makes me feel comfortable. I don't have many friends that I see regularly, just a few close ones.

One of the main groups outside home that I feel comfortable in is the Philofaxy group. They are like a family and I chat with them on twitter and Facebook daily. In fact I talk to them on twitter than I do most of my actual family. Not many people understand my passion for Filofaxes or stationery, but here you don't get judged and we have fun.
We swap ideas, share pictures on things we have bought or want, and have a laugh.
We have meetings in London a few times a year, where we have lunch and chat, and have recently started going to the City Organiser shop to browse or buy.

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  1. My family is the same way... And I love talking about planners on philofaxy :)