Tuesday, 18 September 2012

All Stars Guest Post - Femke - Recipe Filofax

Hello everyone.

Today I have got a special guest post as part of the Philofaxy Allstars Tour 2012. more info about this tour can be found here.  http://philofaxy.blogspot.co.uk/p/all-stars.html

It is a post by Femke whose blog is http://deligted.blogspot.com/ who can be found on Twitter http://twitter.com/deligted

Femke very kindly agreed to do a post on her Recipes Filofax, so without further a do here it is.


My Recipe Filofax.

Here is my recipe Filofax. It’s just an A5 Metropol in Black. 

 This is what you see when you open it:

 On the left there are recipes I’ve taken from magazines which I wanna try someday. 
This is a more close up version of the right side. I found the personal shopping pages on a Dutch Filofax website and they’re very useful! 
I then have two lists which I try to update and they show my what’s in my pantry and my freezer. This comes in handy when I make my grocery lists. 

After that, there’s the A-Z index in which I’ve handwritten all my recipes. 

 At the back on my Filofax there is a list of the recipes I want to try. Not only the ones from magazines but also from my cooking books. 

And of course I have a notepad at the back. I use this for the lists and for writing down the recipes. 
Hope you enjoyed the tour of my recipe Filofax and thank you, Tracy for letting me post on your blog! 
Thank you very much Femke for your guest post. I LOVE the personal shopping pages you have. That's a fantastic idea!!!!!!!
Look out soon for a guest post from me featuring on  http://deligted.blogspot.com/  as part of the Philofaxy Allstars tour.

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