Friday, 19 October 2012

My mini move

Hey everyone.

With all of the drama with Filofax and their "issues" I began to have planner fail.
I won't entirely blame Filofax, but I began to wonder whether I should continue to support a company that functions the way it does.

So I began to experiment.
To cut a long story short (which may well be a blogpost in the future) I have decided to downsize, to, wait for it.............................Mini.


Yes I am moving to my baby Filofax the Mini Lyndhurst. This is my baby for two reasons. One it's a mini of course, and two, its the first Filofax I bought.

So I thought I would give you a quick tour of the set up. It's not very detailed as I've only moved over completely this morning.

So here he is.

I have decided to stick with my little to do post it's dashboard at the front as they are very handy.

I'm using week to view at the moment. I may purchase a German cotton cream ruled for 2013 if I stick with it. I'm using little dot stickers for colour coding as I can't fit my multi pen in there. It should also help to find when people are doing things as well.

There isn't really much happening behind the tabs at the minute. Just the usual stuff I have in other Filofaxes.

I have two clear pockets at the back for holding random bits etc.

Then I have my little red riding hood zipped holder that has also featured in other Filofax set ups of mine. I use this for money.

I'm keeping notes in the back of this for the time being. This may change, and they may end up in the front pocket. In the back pocket I have some stickers for colour coding, and vouchers. I'm also using my Filofax pen.

So there we have a quick tour of my mini set up.


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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My Bode Boutique surprise win

A few weeks ago I was browsing on my friend Jessie's blog as she had designed some bracelets that I really liked, and she had a discount code for them.
Whilst looking on there I saw Jessie had a set to giveaway Here, so thought I would enter. I very rarely win things so took note anyway of the promotional code.
On Friday I was shocked to see on Twitter that I had actually won the bracelets. I was so happy.

I have now received them and thought I would share some pics with you.

It looked soo pretty when it arrived.

It came with a lovely little note from Jessie.

I love them. Thank you Jessie!!!!
If you want to read more about Jessie and her blog, you can find her at The Bode Boutique

Thanks for reading.


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