Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bye bye Filofax, hello Midori

Hello everyone.
Today I am finally going to share with you my Midori Traveler's Notebook.

I decided to move away from Filofax about seven weeks ago after completely losing faith in both them and SlamPR. So I made a makeshift diary, and then finally ordered the midori.

I have now been using the midori for 4 weeks, and love it!!

So from now, this post will be picture heavy :)

I added a little butterfly charm to the page marker.

We have the inside cover, with Midori's sticky pockets. And a craft file on the right with the spotty sticky pockets.

Inside the craft file.

After the craft file I have the midori free diary. It's a week to view.

The free diary is very handy for starting at random times in the year as you write in your own dates and months.

At the back of the diary I have some sticky notes, then the green cover is the quadrille notebook with Muji sticky note on it.

Inside my notebook.

I use washi tape on the edges of the pages to make it look pretty. This is my password page.

Then I had a page for the Filofax meeting yesterday with train times and child care arrangements noted down, and also who was attending the meeting.

This is a rather random page. My phone hasn't been keeping its battery very long. So I've started taking note when I charge it, and how long it lasts.

This is the information page at the back of the quadrille notebook.

Then I have my photoaday list that I'm doing on Instagram.

Next comes my Christmas section.

I have pages for presents to buy people, to do, Christmas card list etc.

At the back of the quadrille notebook I have another sticky pocket for cards then there is a zipped/card pocket.

Then at the back there is some more sticky pockets.

So there is a tour of my midori.

Will I return to Filofax????
I may well do. The meeting was very positive yesterday I saw one at the Filofax shop that I love, but didn't buy :(. So if I can get a new one then I will.


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  1. It's really nice to see someone using the passport size Midori.Did you order the refills online? Also does the leather really feel and look better after much handling and carrying in bags etc?
    I'm really curious to know if you could use something different to hold the elastic in place other than the metal clasp it comes with, any thoughts?

    1. I'd like to jump in here... :)

      I bought my TN about 10 months ago (online, from Miscellaneous store, they are based in the Netherlands). I lovelovelove it!! The leather does only get better and more beautiful with use.

      There are a lot of tips on how to add more inserts to the TN on Flickr, probably some stuff on the metal clasp, too (which isn't really metal, but some sort of lead/stone thingy). :)

    2. I love how the leather changes. There can be a mark there one day, but the next day it's gone! Gives it a personality of its own.
      I might take a look on Flickr to see what there is on midori's. Always keen on seeing new things :) xx

  2. Great post, I used to work for Filofax, and that company is going WAAAAAAAY downhill xx

  3. I also made the move from Filofax to Midori. I love the minimalism and the feel of it, and the format makes me want to really invest in customizing it and making it my own.
    Anonymous - I've heard of people that removed the metal clasp and just tied the elastic down with surgeon knots. Also, the leather really takes on character the more you use it.

  4. Mmm. The Midori looks teasingly fun. ;)

  5. It was nice to see the smaller midori in action. It looks very good. :)

    1. I thought the larger size midori looked quite long, so decided on this size. I think it's a fantastic size for everything I need to do in it :) xx

  6. Hi Tracy, do you know if there is a London stockist? (I know better than to ask about other parts of the U! :) )

    I'd rather like to hold the Midori before buying, so online ordering isn't so much of an option. Looks interesting though......

    1. Imy bought hers from a shop in London. If you check out her blog it has details of where it was from. I didn't see mine before buying, I just went for it and don't regret it. Xx