Friday, 26 August 2011

Introducing My Personal Malden, Marco

So. My personal Malden arrived yesterday. I was soo excited it was unbelievable. I wanted to make sure I savoured the moment as everyone gave high praise to it.

I was like a child at Christmas!

Then it came to opening it. This was a very delicate process. I was nervous when unwrapping it. Although the Malden has positive reviews I read one comment that said the vintage pink looked like meat. This made all sorts of visions rush through my head.

It was open. I LOVED IT!!!! The smell was amazing. It felt so soft. The colour was gorgeous and not at all "meat like".

I sat and looked at it for what seemed like ages. It was a work of art.

The fastening was gorgeous, like a strong arm holding you.

And the back was equally as impressive.
As the Filofax had been preowned I needed to order a new diary insert which luckily came the same day.

I also ordered some stickers and credit card pockets.

So now we get to see how I have organised my Malden.
I use my Filofax for diary and general notes usually. This one I intended to be my life.

With the zip pocket I hope to keep my money and use it as a purse when I'm brave enough to do so. My main cards will also go in the front.

Once open we have sticky notes to hand and personal information.

Then we have the diary. I like week to view as it has plenty of room.

I don't like my diary looking empty so I tend to doodle in it to make it look pretty. It will look more full once I get back to uni next month.
I love the black ruler that came with it.

My pocket urban came with a clear one that I disliked.

The Malden came with 4 tabs which suited me. I never use 6. These are to be organised as follows;
Tab 1.

My Filofax stickers. I love these. They brighten up the diary.

Tab 2.

This is my notes section. I have transferred over my noisy neighbour notes for safekeeping and have four colours of paper.

Pink for general notes. Lilac hasn't got a purpose as yet. I just like the colour. Blue is for important information, passwords etc. Green is my Christmas list as inspired by Imy.

This is where I write down everyone I need to buy for and what I have bought already.

Tab 3.

This is work in process. This is going to be my uni section. It's my final year so will have loads of dissertation work and notes to store for quick access.

Tab 4.

-This has a list of phone numbers from my phone. The Filofax came with A-Z tabs but I don't use it and it therefore took up unnecessary space. My numbers take up 2 pieces of paper which I find better.

Then there is to do and pages for web addresses. I'm not sure if these will stay in or not. I tand to either write on the note book at the back or post it notes at the front.
After the tabs I have a clear plastic pocket and 2 lots of credit card pockets.

At the very back I have a notepad which will be used mostly for uni for dissertation meetings and any notes I need to make.

I have my 4 colour bic pen which I love to write in the diary with. I was gutted that it didn't fit in the pen holder so it just tucks in the edge of the pocket next to the notepad. Instead I have my Filofax barley pen in the holder.

So there we have it. My filofax Personal Malden that I have named Marco. I love him to bits and he will be a big part of my life.

I hope you enjoyed an insight of my life :)

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  1. Hehe im glad i inspired you!!! :-D

    I love the colour it looks in your photos!!!

    I really need to start planning my xmas hehe :-D


  2. I love the colour. I was initially put off as not many people seemed to like the vintage pink. I'm not doing too bad for presents. I just need to get it all written down in Marco so I know where I am. I have a Christmas cupboard at home so when I buy things, they go straight in there.

  3. First of all: WHAT is WRONG with me that I have only just now discovered your blog?? Seriously.

    Second, I love this post so much it's going straight up on my list of Filofax Love posts! (

    Third, I love that you named your Filo Marco! What was the inspiration for the name?

  4. Thank you LAurie for your kind comment. It made me smile when I read it. :). There was a bit of a twitter debate going on with the name. I was chatting with Imy about what to call him as I felt he was a he. Imy was firing out some names that I could use and we liked the name Nico. But then something didn't feel quite right about it, and the name Marco kept coming into my head.
    i like naming objects I love as it gives them more of a personality. My iphone is called Izzy, and my Blackberry was called Bert.I'm just a loony really. lol.