Tuesday 20 August 2013

The Filofax Classic Mash Up

Hello everyone.

I have been meaning to do this post for a while now, but never seemed to get round to doing it.

So today I shall show you my Classic Mash Up.

Filofax brought these out in December 2012 as a limited edition. I wasn't quick enough at the time to buy one, and they sold out before Christmas.
I kept looking and hoping that they would appear on eBay, but they never did.

In June I decided to contact Filofax to see whether they had any that had been returned. There weren't any.

However, I did manage to get hold of one from a fellow philofaxer who was selling it. I was thrilled!!!

After receiving it I contacted Filofax again in the hope of finding out more of this elusive item.

I received the following information.
"The Mash Up was made using pieces of development leathers. The majority of leather which Filofax uses is developed and designed inhouse specifically for each range, direct with the tannery. In the case of these two products, all leathers came from varying developments over the last 6 years or so, which used Italian tanneries leather. They were put together to 'clash'
or 'complement' to create a truly unique piece. Only 25 of each were made".

My Mash up is the "Multi". It also came in "Red" (photo taken from Google)

I have stuck some stickers on the inside of mine to brighten it up as I thought compared to the outside, it was quite plain.

Initially the Mash Up wasn't very well received in the Philofaxy community, receiving various negative comments. However, when I posted photos of mine on the Philofaxy Facebook group people loved it.

So there you go. A quick look into a limited edition Filofax. If you ever come across a Mash Up you are very lucky.

Thanks for reading.


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Tuesday 4 June 2013

Filofax Blogger Challenge: Set The Scene For Summer

Hello everyone.
I am pleased to tell you today that I am taking part in the 2013 Filofax Blogger Challenge.
I was contacted by Jess from The Ideas Network with the following opportunity.

I chose the Saffiano in purple, and waited a long time for a nice sunny day for a photo opportunity.
The challenge was to take a photo of yourself, family or friends with a Filofax to 'set the scene for summer' and submit it to Filofax.
The photo along with the other bloggers photos will be posted on the Filofax Website, the Filofax Facebook page, and tweeted through the Filofax Twitter account.
The photo that receives the most likes on the Facebook page, will win 5 organisers to give away on their blog. The two runners up will each receive 3 organisers to give away on their blogs.
The photos are now live on the Facebook page so please start liking my pic. Vote Here and hopefully I will receive some Filofaxes for a giveaway.
This is my photo .

Many thanks to you all in advance.
Thanks for reading

Thursday 30 May 2013

My Filofax Doodle Design

Hey everyone.
Last time I blogged it was to review the new Filofax Doodle. You can find that Here
Today I am going to reveal my doodle that I finally got round to doodling. **Warning** this is going to be pretty picture heavy :)
So here is the Doodle before I started.

I knew from the start that I wanted to have my name on the front. So here it is all marked out.

Then the creation of the front cover began :)

And now for the finished picture.

So that was the front done. Then I had to have a think about what to do with the back cover.
I didn't have a clue what to do with the back.
So I drew what came into my head.

The finished picture.

I used the following pens to design my Doodle.
Sharpie permanent markers.
Crayola Metallic Markers.
The Ultimate Markers.
Artline Multi Pens 1.0

Let me know what you think of it, and give me a shout if you have designed a Doodle :)
Thanks for looking!!
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Thursday 28 March 2013

Filofax Doodle review

Today I received an exciting parcel in the post from Jess at The Ideas Network.

Inside this parcel was a sample (not a sale binder) of a Filofax Doodle for me to review.

The Doodle is from the new 2013 Filofax File Range and can be purchased Here

This binder is very much Domino-esque in style on the outside. Same tough durable PU material, but a thicker elastic fastening that runs vertically.

The Doodle is a compact Filofax with 15mm rings.

Inside, there are no pockets stitched in as it is can be used more as a notebook if required.

However, it does come with a pocket that has an attached pen loop.

This is a fantastic idea, and I think you should be able to buy these separately. So if you are reading this Filofax, take note :).

As the binder sent to me was an early sample, it didn't contain the full set of inserts, but you can find all details on the Filofax website as mentioned at the top.

Filofax say "Be creative and individualise your cover using the spiral doodle tool provided. Includes a sample piece of material to try our your design".
The Doodle is going to be fantastic for those people who love being creative. The spiral doodle tool is reminiscent of the Spirograph toy that was about in the 80's/90's which I loved as a child.

I had a little play this afternoon on paper.


If you love the Domino you will love the Doodle. It's minimalistic insides easily allow it to be used as a notebook, and lighter than a personal domino (if that is possible).
The ability to design your own cover on the binder is unique and allows you to be as expressive as you would like to be.
The Doodle is perfect for people of ALL ages. It would be an ideal first Filofax for a child, or an additional notebook for lists or projects.
Diaries can be purchased separately from Filofax should you wish to have a diary in there.

I love the Doodle and can't wait to start getting creative on it.

Visit my blog next week to see how the designing is going, and discover how I am planning on using it.

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Filofax reviews coming soon

Hey everyone.
It's been a while since I last blogged, but coming soon to Rapunzel's world are two Filofax reviews from the new 2013 range.

I received them this morning from Jess at The Ideas Network.

The Doodle will be reviewed by me, and there will be a further post of how I decorate/use it.

The Back To School will be reviewed by Esmé. This will also have a further post of how she plans to use it.

Come back soon to have a look!!

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Monday 28 January 2013

Filofax Personal Inserts by Hallmark

Today I have something very special to show you all.
It is the Hallmark Personal Inserts for Filofax.

I bought them from Maria on the Philofaxy page on Facebook. Maria lives in the Netherlands and had bought them there, but hadn't used them. So I snapped them up.

It came with a beautiful page marker which I love.

There are some subject tabs which aren't in English, but you can still use them. I have been using black top tabs from Sweden.

Then there is an information page.

Followed by an overview of 2013 and 2014.

The diary is a very pretty week to view.

Each month is defined by a different colour.

You then get a number of sheets of notepaper, still with the same gorgeous pattern.

Next comes the monthly planner. This is split into half a month on each side.

Then finally we have the A-Z address tabs. There is one tab per letter which then allows you to write plenty of addresses.

So there we have a glimpse at my Hallmark inserts.
I hope you like them.