Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My Pocket Urban Filofax

My latest edition to my Filofax family is my pocket urban in slate. I had been using my mini lyndhurst for a while and wanted something bigger. As soon as I saw the urban on the Filofax website I fell in love with it, and it was on offer. Bonus!!!!

I love the presstud fastening on it.

I wanted this one to have mainly just my diary and any notes that I needed to make so there isn't a whole lot in there. So next is a shot of the inside.

I have my information and all the little info bits that come with the Filofax. I use a week on two pages as I don't write a lot in there. Just things I need to remember. I also doodle in there to make it look pretty.

I made my own inserts to go inside it. They are made from holographic card from Wilkinsons.

In the first section I have an assortment of note paper. I use a different colour for different topics. Currently, grey gor important things to remember. White, for things I need to buy. And currently, light blue for noisy neighbour activity.
The next section holds my Filofax stickers.

The third section has my to do list in it.

And my fourth and final section has a clear plastic wallet and card holders.

I then have a notepad at the back for easy accessibility for quick notes. I don't feel a need for an address book in this Filofax. Just the essentials. My pen holder has my old ever faithful bic limited edition 4 colour. I love this pen.

It is a bit of a squeeze, but I don't like using any other pen.

At the moment there isn't anything in the zip pocket. I was contemplating using it as a wallet when I put my cards into the Filofax, but am currently awaiting the arrival of a Malden so everything is on hold.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my pocket urban.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I also have a Pocket Urban which I use to hold my spare paper. LOVE that shade of grey. Also love your home-made dividers... keep meaning to make some but I am not at all arty so keep looking with admiration at every-one elses!!!

  2. They didn't take long at all to make, Ijust bought the card and cut around the original dividers. I made some for my personal songbird too. Give it a go. You won't regret it :)

  3. Okay, I'm convinced that everybody wonders, but I will be the one to ask: lightblue notepaper for noisy neighbour activity? LOL What's the story behind that?

    Love your filo. I have it in Personal and used it this summer as my vacation filofax. I used the zip pocket for money and found it very practical!

  4. Haha. Thank you for asking. I have noisy neighbour problems. For months they would have late night screaming sessions, to the point that 11pm on xmas eve I went banging on the door. They have recently got a dog. I have nothing against dogs but 3yr old alsation, 2yr old boy, screaming young couple and now a newborn baby isn't a good combination. The dog has now been pushed aside and is left for hours howling. So I started keeping a diary on the times it howled until the local council sent me their diary to note it. I'm not against pets but leaving a dog ALL day then ALL night, only checking it once is bad :(

  5. Oh no, that is awful!!! My SIL got divorced recently and dumped their "beloved" dog at her ex's house, while he is off to work 10 hours a day. The poor animal starved himself to death ... My DH was absolutely furious when he learned about that! I think if he had to rescue either his sister or a dog from a burning house, he'd go for the dog!
    Glad that you're paying attention, and hopefully the dog will be rescued and given a proper loving home!!!