Monday, 19 September 2011

The A5 Dodo-Pad Filofax Dilemma

So my dilemma is this. I bought a Filofax off the lovely Imy and inside it had the 2011 Dodo-Pad.

There are many ways this can be used as a diary. Imy did this Dodo-Pad Review

This is the example given in the Dodo-Pad.

As I intended to use the Filofax for my uni notes, having names across the top wasn't going to work for me.
So I tried it this way.

It seems that this way may work better for me.

So my question to you is this.

Have you got, or had the Dodo-Pad????

How are you, did you use it???

If I can get it to work for me then I will definitely get the 2012 diary.

I would be very interested to know

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  1. I like the look of them but found there wasn't enough space to write on. I ended up using mine along with my wo2p filofax diary slipping the DoDo week in the middle.

  2. I know what you mean. They look fab. It definitely makes a diary look interesting. I couldn't use it for day to day stuff, andni don't think I could use the personal size. Will see how I get on then update on it in a couple of weeks. Xx

  3. im about to get one in a matter of days now and will let you know! Im a uni student and I work full-time so need lots of space.

  4. There is of course the 2011/12 Dodo Acad-Pad for A5 Filofax available now - with a slighlty diffrent list of suggestions for using the five columns in the grid:

    To Do
    Dates & Deadlines

    The page on the left is clear for notes and stuff. Hope that helps! Toodlepip!

  5. Thank you for that suggestion Lord Dodo. That one might actually work better than times. I'm definitely going to stick with it in the A5 finsbury? Have already purchased the 2012 ready :)

  6. I'm sorry, but I really loathe the Dodo-pad. I would never buy one! That said, the new layout as described above for 2011/12 sounds better, but (for me) it's still not ever going to end up in my filofax.
    Why do people like them? (Genuine question...)

  7. I like the pictures and designs you get on the pages. I usually end up doodling on my Filofax pages as I find them plain and boring