Sunday, 11 September 2011

My Filofax diary dilemma and how I solved it.

So my problem was this. I have always been a week to view girl, no matter what size Filofax or diary I was using. I kept reading blogs about how people swapped and changed, and I never understood why.
Then I got a bit crazy and started putting in a few month to page just to jot down the important things.

Woah. I thought. This is getting a bit radical. I've never done this before. But I
Liked it. The template was from Philofaxy

I kept reading more about how people used their diary, and had a very interesting chat with Steve who said that Filofax never intended you to have a full year in the organiser.
I had never thought of it like this before. I always bought a year, put it in and that was it until next year.
Steve went to on to say that the intention was to have monthly pages as your first port of call. Then your weekly, then your daily.
So I sat and pondered for a while. This was a big change. But it made so much sense. So I printed more monthly pages out and moved them from the back of the Malden to the very front. I then took out the week to view from March 2012 onwards.
I felt like I had made an achievement.
I now have September 2011 to August 2012 in month per page and July 2011 to end of February 2012 week to view.
Any dates that need to be written down after Feb can go straight on the month page then more info added to weekly nearer the time when that month goes into the Malden.
I could in theory take July 2011 out as it isn't needed and I might not necessarily need all the way up to Feb in weekly. The reason I have got so far in advance for weekly is that semester A for uni ends in Feb.
There is no point me going as far as getting day per page as I don't do enough to warrant having that much space.

So there we have it. I will keep you updated as to whether I like the transition, although I don't see why I won't.

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  1. Don't know how I missed this post...Wow your Malden is so pretty!
    How is the dual format working for you now?
    I use all 3...haha have been wondering if I could get rid of the weeks, but after reading this, I'm not so sure.
    Thanks for the post!