Friday, 23 September 2011

The new edition to the Filofax Family. Florance the A5 Finsbury

The German Filofax sale was a big disappointment to a lot of us, including me. I too was one of those who ordered the A5 Finchley in Rose and never received it.
But, I don't hold grudges for long and was soon looking for a replacement.
I wanted an A5 Filofax to take to uni to use for making notes in lectures and seminars. It would be a big bonus if it was pink too.

Imy was selling one on her blog so I had a look. A5 Finsbury
It was lovely, and it was pink.
I ummed and aahhed, and finally bought it.
She was called Florance, and was packaged very well for her journey to her new home.

There are a lot of photos from now of her arrival, and the careful unwrapping from my young able assistant, Esmé.

Esmé impatiently awaiting the arrival.

She is here!!!!!!!!

All packaging looked good.

I get to have a quick pose for a photo, then it is back in the hands of my assistant.

Carefully unwrapping her.

The unveiling.

Out she comes.

"Wow, it's beautiful" says Esmé.

Her face says it all.

Just checking through to make sure everything is ok.

Esmé loves the little leaflets that come with Filofaxes.

Flicking through the Dodo-pad.

Checking out the pens that Imy kindly sent.

Putting the first pen in it's loop.

And the second pen.

So there we have it. The arrival of Florence the A5 Finsbury. Another post will be coming soon, as to how I set her up.


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  1. You are very generous letting her unwrap and look at it before you!! looking forward to seeing how you use it.

  2. I loved this post so cute :-) your daughter is so adorable :-) <3 xxx

  3. Thanx guys. Looks like Esmé is going to share my love of Filofaxes. :) she loved unwrapping it. I just love the photos of her face when she first sees it. Classic.