Friday, 7 October 2011

My seven day challenge with the pocket Malden

I have decided, that as well as using my pocket Malden as a diary for day to day, I am also going to try it out as a wallet/purse too. I was going to try this with my personal Malden but felt it was just too big.
Will I do it?????
Here goes..................

Day one.
Off to uni today. I was only there for one hour so needed minimal items with me. So I went armed with my Filofax and phone.

I had my cards in the front pocket and loose change in the zip compartment.

All was good today with this system. I like it very much.

Come back tomorrow to see how I get on. :)

Day 2.
Went shopping today. Money and cards still in the Filofax. Had all of my cards together in one place, which was good as some of them used to be in my purse and the rest were in my Filofax.

Day 3.
Didn't go anywhere today to use it.

Day 4.
Went into town to buy my princess balloons and banners for her birthday. Money and shopping list at hand in Filofax :).
Caught the train home from uni this afternoon. Thanks to my purse and filo combo I had my railcard with me.

Day 5.
Uni again this morning. Money and cash card still in my Filofax. I'm liking this a lot.

Day 6.
Uni again for an hour so everything was together handily when I grabbed it to rush out of the door.
E was swimming tonight so I had my Filofax at hand just to catch up on writing appointments etc and my money was there for the choc treat afterwards.

Day 7.
This challenge has come to an end quite quickly. I was at uni today so money, cards and train ticket all in one place again.

I am loving the set up of using my pocket Malden as a wallet/purse. I am going to stick with it. I wish it would have worked with my personal, but it is too big for that purpose I find.

It's now coming up to nearly 2 weeks and I'm still using the Malden as everything :)

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  1. I loved this post I really wish I could work with a Pocket size but I just can't fit everything in it :0(

    However looking at your great pictures maybe i should think about giving it another go L x

  2. Thank you for that. I did think I wouldn't get along with it and that I would soon swap back. But, I can quite happily say that I am still using it, and it is working very well!! :)

  3. Hi!
    I've been using my pocket metropol as a wallet/daily planner and am living it. Although I'm using a separate coin purse as I use public transport alot so I don't like taking out my whole wallet for a few coins.
    I experimented with the personal for q bit but gave up after just a day because it was a tad too bulky..

    I feel you have to be a little creative but as a take everywhere planner, can't rave enough about a pocket Filofax. Now I'm never caught without my cards/ store discount cards / coupons(which I always forgot):)