Friday, 7 October 2011

Opening the box-The Pocket Malden in Crimson

Hi everyone.
Today we have an opening the box post on the lovely pocket Malden in crimson. At time of posting, Filofax have this on offer on their website. Follow link
So grab yourself a bargain.

To start with, let's take a look at the box.

It came in a box, not in a sleeve like my personal Malden did.
I like it in a box as it makes it look more expensive.

Then when we open it we are greeted with a 2011 diary.

The filofax I wrapped in lovely tissue paper, which we peel back to reveal the lovely crimsoness.

Isn't she a beauty.

On the inside cover there is a zip compartment and three pockets for cards etc.

Then we get to take a look inside.

The dividers that comes with it are already categorised. I'm not a big fan of this. I prefer numbers or even better, plain tabs so you can decide yourself what they are going to be.

A 2012 diary was already inside and I was pleased to see it wasn't the 5 language diary.

Then we come to the black today page marker and To Do pages.

Next there was the finance pages.

Then there were sheets of blue, orange and lilac paper.

We then come to the address pages and the tabs with 3 letters.

Finally we have a clear envelope and behind that there is a slot for a notepad and a vertical pocket too.

There is also a full length pocket behind too.

The colour is gorgeous and the leather smell is even better.
My next blogpost will be how I set this lovely piece up.
See you soon

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  1. Is there ANYTHING? you want, i will take an evelope home tonight to put anything in it you want xxx

  2. Hello my lovely. What sort of things have you got? I feel like there is something missing but don't know what, if you know what I mean?? Xx