Sunday, 9 October 2011

The set up of my pocket Malden

Hello. As promised here is the set up of my pocket Malden aka my life.

The pocket Malden is a fantastic size for day to running of life. A lot easier than the personal. I have decided to name this Malden Scarlet. I think the name suits her.

So we start with the front cover.

As I am using this Filofax as a purse/wallet I have my loose change in the zip compartment. I also have a couple of cards and my train ticket in the other pockets.
The first thing you see when you open Scarlet is the Filofax post-it notes.

I am also still using the bic four colour pen with it, so due to size doesn't fit into the pen loop.

So with this being a pocket Filofax I decided to make my own top tab dividers to give more room for the pen. I am finding that this works well.

We then come to the standard week on two pages diary. There seems to be a lot of ringspace so have got 11 months inside.

Next we come to the purple divider. Behind this we have notes and info.

The orange post-it tab is my Christmas gift list. This tells me what I have bought and for who. The blue post-it tab is inportant information that I might need.

Then we have the second divider.

Behind this we have my little Filofax stickers for events and appointments.

Behind the blue divider we have my to do list.

We then come to silver, the final divider.

This keeps my cards that get used now and again and my shopping vouchers.

I may put another envelope in yet. I'm undecided at the moment.

In the back cover we have my notepad and two cards in the vertical pocket.

I am loving how this Filofax is working.

I am especially liking how the top tab dividers work within it, giving me more room for pens.

So there we go. My blogpost on how I set my Pocket Malden Scarlet up.
Hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. Lovely post, thanks :) Are you only using the pocket size now? I do think it's a great size for portability, but wonder if I'd feel a bit cramped after using my personal Malden for so long. Been quite a few posts of people downsizing on Philofaxy!

  2. Thanks. I use the pocket for everything day to day and I use an A5 for my uni work. I love the pocket size. Tbh I thought I would struggle after using the personal Malden, but the transition was surprisingly easy and felt quite natural. :)

  3. love the post and now seriously contemplating the crimson malden on offer.... thanx for the tour inside yours :)

  4. Thank you. Even after blogging this one, I'm still using the same set up. I am considering buying the vintage pink in the pocket. The colour is more me. :) xx

  5. What type of card stock do you use for the self made dividers? I'd like to make my own but I'm not very crafty and know very little about these things.

    I love my pocket Malden too. I can't seem to go back to the larger size. The personal seems so cumbersome now. I use a day per page so I can write out my daily to do list. It's my little portable brain!


  6. Hi. This card was from The range, but in previous blogposts, the card has been from wilkinsons. It's not expensive, just what I find cheap at the time. With the normal subject dividers I just generally use old dividers as a template. With these ones being top tab, they took a bit longer to do as you have to decide how big you want the tabs to be yourself. :)