Sunday, 20 November 2011

Thoughts of Tracy. The Filofax Personal Apex.

A few weeks ago I was one of the lucky winners of the Filofax competition "Filofax memories". The prize was a personal Apex. Here are my thoughts and review on it. *warning* contains photos of an apex!!!! ;)

Now I am a BIG fan of Filofax, but really think this is a big fail on their part. The apex comes in 4 colours and should you be desperate enough to buy one, you can get them Here
The apex I received was the pink one.

Filofax describe the Apex as "Crosshatch textured synthetic pu exterior. Matt finish synthetic pu interior."
Ok. I would describe it as cheap looking plastic. In fact, apart from the pink colour, I can't think of anything positive to say about it. I don't like the way the elasticated strap goes around it and I don't like the feel of it.

Anyway. On with the review.
When you open the apex you are greeted with one card pocket and a larger pocket.

It comes with July 2011 through to December 2012 diary. This is week on two pages.

It comes with pastel coloured A-Z tabs

And pastel coloured 1-6 tabs.

Other Contents
Coloured ruled paper
To do

At the back there is a frosted ruler and a top opening envelope.

On the inside back cover there is one pocket in which you can put a Filofax notepad (not included).

There seems to be a lack of pockets on this Filofax. It is very gimmicky and I assume it is aimed at young students. I have a 12 year old daughter, and this will not be her first Filofax. Or any Filofax thinking about it.
So there you have it. The Apex. Hope you enjoyed reading.

*Coming soon*
The Filofax personal Domino.

And what did I buy from the Neal street Filofax shop????

Come back soon!!!!

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