Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My Lyndhurst eBay bargain

For many years I used a mini zipped Lyndhurst, and was wondering whether to try out a bigger size as the mini was to small to write all of my lecture in.
On Sunday night I was lucky enough to win a personal Lyndhurst for £10.50.
It was described as follows.

Well it arrived today in the post!!
It was wrapped in lovely pink paper.

And inside was a lovely little card.

I thought that was really sweet.

Inside were the blue and grey 1-6 inserts as seen in the eBay photo, to do sheets, lots of white ruled paper, lots of address sheets, and blue and grey A-Z dividers.
To my surprise the was also a Filofax personal hole punch and calculator.

There are obviously a few marks on the outside of the Filofax, but it was to be expected.
I am very pleased with my purchase and very tempted to try him out soon.

Thank you for reading.

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