Friday, 18 November 2011

My 10k New Years Resolution

Hi everyone. My blogpost today is about a new years resolution I made for this year.
I always said that if I lost enough weight then I would take up running. As I had lost 4 stone, I was beginning to think this was possible.
Just before new year, I did the same thing as I did every year and plan my new years resolution. I decided that I was going to take part in a 10k run.
My plan started well, I went out once a week for a short run, but then in June I went on holiday.
After coming home I never got back into it.
Then I saw the West Lindsey Running Series advertised at Gainsborough Leisure Centre, and signed up for all three events.
Here is how I got on.

Saxilby 5k 25.9.11
My first ever 5k run. I was apprehensive and didn't know anyone. Then I saw that my daughter's swimming teacher was taking part, so I didn't feel alone. We ran together, and my official time was 32mins 40. I was really pleased with my time as I was aiming for 35mins. (really my time was less as the clock starts and you have to get through the start line)

Here is my medal

Gainsborough 5k 23.10.11
I was more relaxed about this run. I had made friends with two fellow runners via Twitter and Facebook. This put me more at ease with the idea of running 10k.
My official time for this event was 32min 5sec. I was pleased once again that I had completed it, but
more so of the fact I had beaten my Saxilby time.

My medal

Market Rasen 10k 13/11/11
I was dreading this race. I had only run 10k once. This was the weekend before.
My official finishing time was 1hr 09min 41sec. I was over the moon. I was hoping if I was lucky, to finish in 1hr 15.
This first photo is courtesy of Rob Baker Photography

I love this photo. Esmé had been waiting for me near the finish line and wanted to run with me.
My medal

The people who took part in all three events also received a commemorative t-shirt.

So there we have it. I stuck with my new years resolution and completed a 10k run. My next challenge is to join the local running club Gainsborough & Morton Striders

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Wow! Well done you!!! :o) xx

  2. Very well done and please don't be afraid to come along with the striders you will be made feel more than welcome. You could try the ladies only on a Thursday if you wish for a start? Well done again. Kev.x

  3. You are so amazing to of done all that running!! Congratulations :-d xxx