Monday, 7 November 2011

The Mini Gainsborough Filofax Meet Up

In Attendance.

coffee, fruit shoot and mini muffins.

Friday 3rd November saw the first mini Filofax meet up in Gainsborough. The event took place in Costa coffee in Marshall's Yard.

Sally brought along her personal Domino in purple, and pocket Kensington in black.

I brought with me my crimson pocket Malden and A5 finsbury in pink.

Sally uses her pocket Kensington for personal use and the domino for work.
I use my pocket Malden for personal and my finsbury for uni notes.
We chatted about how we use our diaries and I was in awe of the many different ways Sally had tried working a diary. I tend to stick with week to view and little else in the Malden, but have month to view in the finsbury.
We moved on to the wonders of post it notes, and how I use them in my Malden as to do's.
Conversation them moved on to using pocket Filofaxes as purses. We both use them for this purpose so it was good to compare.

Overall, a good time was had by all. Esmé enjoyed her mini muffins, and we enjoyed being nosy.
So there you go. An insight into the first Gainsborough Filofax meet up.
If you want to read more about Sally then you can find her blog Here
It was very nice to meet you Sally.
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  1. Looks like you had a great time!!! <3

    And You both look very beautiful! I love the fact you still made a little pile, will never beat the Philofaxy meet ups pile ;-) hehe

    Imy xxx

  2. haha Imy....we did it as a bit of a joke really :p Was good to meet you too Tracey x

    PS My word verification was humpig lol

  3. I cannot believe how FAT those filos are! At first I thought the pictures were compressed or something. But they really ARE that fat, aren't they? LOL

  4. Oh my word... about 20+ years ago (i.e. before Marshall's yard was anything other than heading-for-derelict-buildings and certainly never had a Costas... I lived in Gainsborough!!!
    How is the old place? And how fantastic you did a mini-meet up there!