Monday, 28 November 2011

The move into Lyndy the lyndhurst. Part one

So I have made the decision to move into the personal Lyndhurst for three reasons.
1. I love it.
2. I read a blog last night about a zipped filofax.
3. I wanted to make a Christmas section to organise everything. I couldn't do this properly in a pocket.

So this is part 1, which looks at my Christmas section.

Page 1 is my Christmas present list. All the presents I buy or intend to buy go on this page.

Presents get written next to the name, then there are three boxes to cross off.

Bought, wrapped and dispatched.
Under that we have the photo frame section. I intend on buying close family members a photo frame and printing off a photo we had done of the girls as a present from them.

These are the boxes for bought and done to cross off.

Page 2 is my list of Christmas cards that I specifically buy for family. They can have a line through when bought (as I have bought some and forgot others). Then crossed off when written and when dispatched.

Underneath that I have a to do list with reminders of what I need to do with certain cards and when I've written them.

On page 3 I have my Christmas card list.

This will be to write down who I need to write cards for and cross off as I go along.

Page 4 is my shopping list.

This is for things I need to buy for Christmas. I.e turkey, crackers etc.
Page 5 is my list of presents for Lis and Esmé.

I often lose track of what I buy them do this is a good reminder.

This page has boxes to cross off when I have bought the present, and then when I have wrapped them.

Coming soon will be my lyndhurst set up part two. Hope you enjoyed my Christmas planning!!


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  1. This is brilliant! You've definitely inspired me to add a christmas section to my filo : )

  2. Wow you are so organised! I love all your little boxes...I thought my lists were organised but they are nothing but a shambles compared to yours!! i know what you mean about forgetting what you have bought your children..I end up doing this every year and they end up with WAY too much!

  3. I love these lists! And the check boxes. I have several lists going right now too, but they're not as neat. I may have to borrow some of these ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  4. So precise - loving these ideas. Mine is a bit (and then some) messier this year, but I may now have to go and set some up ready for next year...

  5. Thanks everyone. I love making lists. Even if I don't stick with them, at least it makes me look organised.
    But truthfully, this Christmas section IS working and I know where I am with Christmas.
    Without this, I would still be going out buying MORE presents for the girls, whereas now I know I have bought them plenty.