Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Tabbed week on two pages for pocket.

Right. So I came up with this genius idea that I was going to make my own tabbed week on two pages diary for my pocket Malden. Easy, I thought. My inspiration came from Dayrunner i love their week to view with tabs, but alas it was for personal.

My first way was to cut up some avery tags to 1cm wide to stick on the diary on the page for the beginning of the month at appropriate intervals down the page (as the pocket page is conveniently 12cm long). Then I thought the tab sticker would protrude too far onto the page where you write.
Idea scrapped.
Then, while on the bus today, I thought that I could cut sections out of the side of the page at 1cm intervals to form grooves for each month.

I tried roughly with a holepunch, but that wasn't happening. Then tried cutting with scissors. This was do-able.

Then I came across another dilemma. You are ok at the beginning of the month with single figures.

But the space becomes narrower with double figures.

And so, my experiment has come to an end unsuccessfully. So if anyone knows of anywhere that sells tabbed week to view diaries for pocket give me a shout. Or if anyone has any ideas on how to do it differently post a comment.
Thank you very muchly.

Update 3/11/11 14.32

I have had a big response from this post on twitter, and would like to thank the people who recommended
After having a look on their website, I ordered these monthly markers
So once they arrive from the USA I will do another post on them.

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  1. So why don't you still use the avery tabs but rather than stick them on the diary page itself stick them to a page of notepaper. So you are basically making a monthly divider out of paper which won't take too much space in your Filofax.

  2. Ouch... at first I thought you had cut the leather on your Filofax, and then I looked again! and the cut out was in the paper!

  3. lol@ Steve....I had to double take too!

  4. Hehe. No. I was leaning on it and thought the pink would look more effective :) xx

  5. So you didnt get any further with your experiment?

    cant you just stick them handing over the edge as the avery ones are ok to be taken off like 40 times or somethign so you can remove when you need to write then stick back down? or have i missed something cmopletly?

  6. I am about to do an update on progress now for it. :) xx