Thursday, 28 June 2012

Guest post- Esmé's Filofax

Hey everyone.

I am soo excited today to tell you that this post is a very special guest post!!!!

This guest post is a rather privileged look in to Esmé's Mini Finsbury Filofax. Esmé is my youngest daughter and is 4 years old.

When asked what she used her Filofax for she said "just scribbling things and stuff".

So without further a do, it's over to Esmé.

My mummy gave me my Filofax. I like it because it is small and pink and sweet.

I keep important things at the front like train tickets, so I can go on the train. The sticker of the Master is mummy's. She loves the Master. The chicken is mine.

Mummy made my dashboard. I wanted one because mummy has one in her Filofax which she writes things on. Mine has got mice on it though.

This is just the back of it where I write my name.

These are my animal stickers. I like stickers.

My mummy gave me the little pen to put inside so I can write things when I'm out.

This is my scribbling page where I am planning a party.

This is where I write things I need to look for, like toys and games.

I keep my money in here so it's safe.

In here I keep my spare stickers.

I got the hole punch this afternoon and put some holes in my stickers so they don't fall out of my Filofax.

So there we have Esmé's Filofax.

We hope you enjoyed this post.

Esmé would love to hear any comments you have on it.


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Monday, 25 June 2012

Filofax. Holiday Essentials.

 My post today is to tell you all about a challenge I am taking part in with Filofax. It is the Filofax Holiday Essentials Challenge, and they were kind enough to send three of their filofaxes to help with the challenge.

So here are the three Filofaxes I was sent to help create my mood boards.

The Personal Metropol in Fingfisher Blue - ideal for a beach paradise.

Personal Swift in Sage - perfect for a country side jaunt.

The Personal Domino in Ultra Violet - best choice for a city break

The mood boards will be uploaded to the Filofax Facebook page from July 3rd-17th.
After this has happened I will run a competition on my blog for a chance to win one of these lovely Filofaxes.
Stay tuned. :)

Friday, 15 June 2012

The Filofax planner fail-part 3

Ok. So planner fail is still happening.

Should I carry on using the pocket Malden zip

Or do I go back to the pocket Enigma (with bigger rings)????

Decisions decisions.


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Filofax Planner Fail-Part 2

So. Part 2.
I sorted the diary out and am now happy with that. I still keep thinking about that film and how he had everything in his Filofax. This used to be me. If you look over my previous posts I used to have all sorts in there. Little nik nacks, or happy things. For those of you who don't know. I'm currently using the Purple Pocket Zip Malden. It s lovely but only has 15mm rings. **Stamps feet**.
Am trying to stay in it and not swap over to the vermillion Enigma, so trying different things in there.

Today I made some dividers.

This is Boofle scrap booking paper that I glued together to make it double sided. This is the back of them.

I have even made little pockets on the back. I'm not convinced this will help me stop in the Malden but its worth a try.


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Filofax Planner Fail

Hey everyone.
Well as you all know, I am prone to getting bored very easily. And this happens a lot when it comes to Filofaxes. I'm currently in the purple Malden pocket zip. It's a gorgeous Filofax but lacks in ringsize (only 15mm). I recently watched the film Taking care of business. (the Filofax film) and that made me want more from my Filofax. I'm slightly digressing from what my post is meant to be about here. Anyway, because I couldn't decide which of my pockets to move to, I decided to swap diary.
So, I did a Dodo Pad hack. I cut up a personal size DodoPad and re punched the holes to fit. Then I had to decide how this would function as the boxes are tiny on the current diary (but not the 2013). So here is one week that I was using, my German cotton cream ruled.

Then this was what happened when I put that week in a Dodo pad.

Kinda works if you write small enough. So I thought I'd try the next weeks page. Here is before.

And here is the Dodo hack.

Now this way worked better. The first column is for important things, then the next boxes being for Am and Pm.
But. I didn't have anywhere for the to do list.
I soon gave up on this idea.
I decided to print some pages from the Philofaxy website
I decide on their Time Management pages, week on one side and to do on the other side. AND I also printed it in pink!!

So. That cured my boredom for the time being.
Until this morning when I decided to make some pocket dividers.
But that's another post.
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Friday, 1 June 2012

The Tracyley is here!!!!

The time has arrived!! The Tracyley is now on sale at City Organiser Here

This is a one off. So go take a look now :)

Many thanks to Andy at City Organiser for advertising it, and also to Steve. Without you two guys this wouldn't be possible!!



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