Friday, 15 June 2012

Filofax Planner Fail-Part 2

So. Part 2.
I sorted the diary out and am now happy with that. I still keep thinking about that film and how he had everything in his Filofax. This used to be me. If you look over my previous posts I used to have all sorts in there. Little nik nacks, or happy things. For those of you who don't know. I'm currently using the Purple Pocket Zip Malden. It s lovely but only has 15mm rings. **Stamps feet**.
Am trying to stay in it and not swap over to the vermillion Enigma, so trying different things in there.

Today I made some dividers.

This is Boofle scrap booking paper that I glued together to make it double sided. This is the back of them.

I have even made little pockets on the back. I'm not convinced this will help me stop in the Malden but its worth a try.


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  1. Cool! Could you post a step-by-step instruction video or post on how you did them double-sided? I know I could dismantle some of mine and copy them, but I'm afraid I'll kill them in the process....