Friday, 15 June 2012

The Filofax planner fail-part 3

Ok. So planner fail is still happening.

Should I carry on using the pocket Malden zip

Or do I go back to the pocket Enigma (with bigger rings)????

Decisions decisions.


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  1. Carry on with the malden, its too pretty not to use!

  2. Since I have heard that the Malden Zip Rings just 15mm I guess you should change to the pocket enigma.

  3. Use whichever one is going to function best for you - it's too stressful if it's not working...

  4. I'd say the malden because I love that colour but if it's not working it's pointless :)

  5. I adore both the pocket & compact Malden zips, but for me the ring size is just too small to be my one & only filofax! Both the Enigma & Malden are lovely though :)

  6. i totally agree with lj. whatever works, whatever feels right at the time. you could always move back. i switch all the time between pocket and personal sizes even. it's a pain sometimes but i'm so much happier when i'm in the planner that just feels "right" for the moment. (right now i'm back in the compact chameleon.)

  7. I think the only solution will be a proper pocket purple Malden (yep, those were 3 P's ....!)!
    19 mm decent rings, and purple! And Malden! Did I mention 19 mm rings!