Friday, 15 June 2012

Filofax Planner Fail

Hey everyone.
Well as you all know, I am prone to getting bored very easily. And this happens a lot when it comes to Filofaxes. I'm currently in the purple Malden pocket zip. It's a gorgeous Filofax but lacks in ringsize (only 15mm). I recently watched the film Taking care of business. (the Filofax film) and that made me want more from my Filofax. I'm slightly digressing from what my post is meant to be about here. Anyway, because I couldn't decide which of my pockets to move to, I decided to swap diary.
So, I did a Dodo Pad hack. I cut up a personal size DodoPad and re punched the holes to fit. Then I had to decide how this would function as the boxes are tiny on the current diary (but not the 2013). So here is one week that I was using, my German cotton cream ruled.

Then this was what happened when I put that week in a Dodo pad.

Kinda works if you write small enough. So I thought I'd try the next weeks page. Here is before.

And here is the Dodo hack.

Now this way worked better. The first column is for important things, then the next boxes being for Am and Pm.
But. I didn't have anywhere for the to do list.
I soon gave up on this idea.
I decided to print some pages from the Philofaxy website
I decide on their Time Management pages, week on one side and to do on the other side. AND I also printed it in pink!!

So. That cured my boredom for the time being.
Until this morning when I decided to make some pocket dividers.
But that's another post.
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  1. Ha Ha, glad it's not just me :)

  2. There is of course always the entire (or near entire) left hand page for To Do lists - opposite each weekly grid. But we like hacks at Dodo Pad as you know :) #justsaying

  3. I really struggled with the DodoPad pages because of the tiny space for writing. I'm much happier with the Filofax week to view inserts. Plenty of space for scrawly notes!