Friday, 3 August 2012

Our amazing sunflower

Hey everyone.
This is a quick post today to show you the progress of our fast becoming gigantic sunflower.
We originally had sunflowers last year, so most of our flowers this year have grown from the seeds dropped.
We planted a row of sunflower seeds on May 20th.

However, most of these got attacked by slugs.
It was then that we realised that the stray sunflowers were growing, so we did our best to protect them.
This was the sunflower on July 9th.

It featured on my Instagram as photo a day for July under the title of Big.
Then here it is two weeks later.

He was about 6ft 3 by then.
I have been out to measure him this morning and he is a whopping 7ft 4 tall.

I don't quite know how much more he will grow, but there is no sign of a flower yet.
I will keep updating this post to let you know.
****UPDATE AUG 7TH****
We have had another measure tonight.

The sunflower is a rather impressive 7ft 10.
****UPDATE AUG 13TH****
I arrived back from Cornwall tonight after a few days away to an astonishing sight.
Mr sunflower is now a whopping 8ft 10 tall!!!!!!!!

And, still no flower in sight. I'm beginning to think its a beanstalk??!!

****UPDATE AUG 19TH****
Well, we have been out to measure the monster again this evening and he is amazing!!

Standing at a fantastic height of 9ft 4 he is definitely towering over us. And still no flower.
Stay tuned for more info.


Well mr sunflower did finally open and he reached a whopping 9ft 7 tall!!!!

I am surprised he is still standing, the weight of the flower must be unbelievable. He has drooped considerably since coming out.

I had to lay on the floor to take the next photo.

The other sunflowers.

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  1. That aint a flower - its a tree! ;o) x

  2. And what happened next? Did it finally flourished (I don't think there was a flour on the pictures?) or is it still growing? Did it reach the stratosphere yet? :-D

  3. I have just done an update :)

  4. Thank you! :-) I'm not a very curious person, but I was really about what had happened with it. I was checking the post again and again to find out, and I was afraid we would never know what happened at the end. LOL

    It's really impressive, it looks so gigantic in the picture with Esmé. She must be really proud of her little flower, isn't she? :-)