Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Filofaxtour2012

Today I have for you quite a photo heavy blog post, so be warned.
On 9th August me, Esmé and Melissa set off on an 8hr train adventure to stay with the lovely Imy

When we arrived in Truro, we were greeted at the station by Imy. This was to be the beginning of the #Filofaxtour2012.

Imy had printed off some signs to put in the back window of her car.
The first place we called at was Staples in Truro.

The staff were very friendly in Staples, but their Filofax display wasn't very impressive.

Next we went to check out the back to school range at Sainsburys and to buy supplies for a BBQ that night.
Esmé Filofaxing.

Lis and Esmé at the BBQ.

On Friday we went to Healey's cider farm, cos you can't beat a bit of cider when browsing through your Filofax at night.

We went on a tour of the farm and a tractor ride.

On Friday afternoon we went to Dodo towers home of Lord Dodo.

We had tea and cakes with the lovely Rebecca and made some purchases.
Lord Dodo gave Esmé an Eye-pad.

From left to right- Rebecca, Esmé, Imy, Tracy, and Melissa.

We spent Friday night drinking cider and Filofaxing.

On Saturday, the #Filofaxtour2012 took us to Plymouth.
This was the Filofax display in WH Smith.

Very impressive.

Esmé with the purchases.

We called in at Paperchase and even got a retweet on Twitter from them.

Other shops visited on Saturday included Rymans and Asda.
On Sunday, we had a pretty chilled out day and headed to the beach. That evening we watched the Olympic closing ceremony with Filofaxes and beer.

My pretty purchase from WH Smith.

Monday was our last morning together on the #Filofaxtour2012. We headed back to Staples, Tesco, and WH Smith in Truro.
Then it was time for us to travel back home.

We had a fantastic time at Imy's and can't wait to see her in September for the Philofaxy meet up.
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