Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Filofax Classic Mash Up

Hello everyone.

I have been meaning to do this post for a while now, but never seemed to get round to doing it.

So today I shall show you my Classic Mash Up.

Filofax brought these out in December 2012 as a limited edition. I wasn't quick enough at the time to buy one, and they sold out before Christmas.
I kept looking and hoping that they would appear on eBay, but they never did.

In June I decided to contact Filofax to see whether they had any that had been returned. There weren't any.

However, I did manage to get hold of one from a fellow philofaxer who was selling it. I was thrilled!!!

After receiving it I contacted Filofax again in the hope of finding out more of this elusive item.

I received the following information.
"The Mash Up was made using pieces of development leathers. The majority of leather which Filofax uses is developed and designed inhouse specifically for each range, direct with the tannery. In the case of these two products, all leathers came from varying developments over the last 6 years or so, which used Italian tanneries leather. They were put together to 'clash'
or 'complement' to create a truly unique piece. Only 25 of each were made".

My Mash up is the "Multi". It also came in "Red" (photo taken from Google)

I have stuck some stickers on the inside of mine to brighten it up as I thought compared to the outside, it was quite plain.

Initially the Mash Up wasn't very well received in the Philofaxy community, receiving various negative comments. However, when I posted photos of mine on the Philofaxy Facebook group people loved it.

So there you go. A quick look into a limited edition Filofax. If you ever come across a Mash Up you are very lucky.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I do really like this one! It's just so weird!

  2. With all the quilters out there, I would think this would definitely appeal to them, don't you think?!... Very pretty! ~tina

  3. I love it! I prefer it to the standard classic :) x

  4. I so want one of these!!!! I am Jealous!!!

  5. That is a very funky looking planner! Might have to have a look for one! :)