Friday, 2 December 2011

The Cuban zip dilemma

I had been using Lyndy for a bit but couldn't get on with the fact he had no zipped compartment for money. So on wednesday I looked into getting a Cuban zip in personal size.

Now this should be an easy process. You order from Filofax surely??? Well, usually I would say yes. But. A few people have been having problems receiving orders from Filofax.
(Sharon is still awaiting delivery of her Cuban zip that she ordered on Monday, and Imy only received her personal deco yesterday that turned out to be damaged). I too ordered paper from Filofax on Friday an only received it on Wednesday. Customer service doesn't know what is going on and offer a variety of excuses for lack of delivery. Now people might not think that this is a big deal, but when you order quite often from them you know when they are likely to arrive. It used to be next day, but recently service has gone downhill.

So. My dilemma was, do I order the Cuban in chilli from Filofax and risk it taking nearly a week to deliver via first class mail. Or do I order the saddle brown Cuban from an eBay seller with 100% positive feedback with comments of quick dispatch and delivery???????

I went with eBay. Sorry Filofax but until your delivery system and customer service improves I will either not buy your products or shop elsewhere. I ordered 9.35pm Wednesday night and it was delivered first class by Royal Mail today.
I'm sorry Sharon, I don't want to rub it in that I've got mine, but I'm so annoyed with the way the company is functioning at the moment I had to blog.
I will do my set up post once you have received yours and you are happy with it. :(

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  1. My Cuban Zipped Personal in Chilli finally arrived today Saturday 3rd Dec. I am appalled by the service offered by Filofax, and after my strong comments on their Facebook page, I have a call with the Team Leader on Monday and boy am I gonna tell her some home truths! But the Cuban (Cuby) it awesome and I love it, certainly was a worthwhile purchase!

  2. Hi Sharon. Thanks for your comment. I am soo pleased Cuby has arrived!!!!!! I hope you get some answers on Monday. I think Filofax need to look at the way they interact with customers, as they don't seem to listen.
    Have fun!!!!