Friday 30 December 2011

My December Malden set up with Day-timer diary

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a good Christmas. I have been asked by Sally for some photos of my Day-timer 2012 diary so I thought I would combine it with a set up post of Marco as I have changed back to the Malden.
Here he is in all his loveliness. 
Anyway, here is the set up. 


As you open the Filofax I use the zip compartment for loose change and the cards I use most often go in the card compartments. There are also some Hello Kitty post it notes from Imy in there. 

Then we have as Imy calls it "The dashboard". 
This is usually my first port of call in the morning. It has reminders of things I need to do, shopping lists and any other things that I might need to jot down at quick notice. 


After that there is a post it note with a saying that I heard one night on tv, (I thought it was very true) and a photo of my girls. 
Then we come to the Day-timer section. If you want to see what comes in the pack then have a look at the blogpost I did a few weeks ago here

Each monthly tab has a different picture. I love the Flavia. It's very colourful. 

Then you get a page for notes. 

On the back of the monthly tab you have the month to view. I will use this for Important things I need to remember. 

The diary I chose was the week to view (or week on two pages). I have used this week as an example, and as you can see I'm not very busy (damn tonsils).

I was concerned as to whether it was going to work with uni as it has times down the middle so I wrote in my first two days back to see what it looked like. 

As you can see, the left hand side of the day is for things that need to be done, and the right hand column is for appointments. 

At the end of the month there is another notes page and then the next monthly tab. 
I love the tabs on this too. 

 And then follows on to the next month.

 They are soo colourful.

After the diary we have the top tabs.

Behind the first one is my christmas section which I previously blogged about here. This section has now been further extended. 

 It now includes a list for writing Thank you cards, and a list of all of the presents Esmé was bought so I don't forget.

 Then we have the second tab.

Behind tab 2 is my Filofax stickers, and a list of important things to remember such as passwords etc. 

There is also a note in there that Imy sent me.
Behind tab 3 is a list of phone numbers, addresses and web pages I might need. 
Behind tab 4 is a few to do sheets where I write down what blogposts I need to do. 
Behind tab 5 is where I keep notepaper. 
 As well as Filofax notepaper, there is also some from Day-timer.

Then comes my today marker. This is no longer used as a today marker as i am still using the business card that Imy gave me.

 I have a christmas decoration picture that Esmé did for me at school.

 A clear pocket that looks after my vouchers for shopping so I don't forget them.

It also has my card holder, for my cards. Although I have seen some people use them for holding post it notes.

 Inside the back cover I have some lovely post it notes tucked in.

They are a little book from Paperchase that I bought in the sale this week.

And it even has some little stickers with it.


So there we have Marco and his new set up. I hope you enjoyed reading it. 


  1. Wow, it looks great Tracy, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you. I got there eventually. It only took me 11 hours today :) xx

  3. thanks for the peek, am sharing my home planner filofax on tuesday (well part 1) i have too many tabs like 13 in total to do all together

  4. You have such beautiful things in your filo - it looks fabulous. Thanks for sharing :o)

  5. hi there! they way you have styled your filo is so pretty; it must be a joy to use every time you pick it up. thank you for sharing with us! : )

  6. I have this post bookmarked on my toolbar, I read it like twice a day. I may have a wee *ahem* problem.

  7. Aww bless ya. I must admit. I DO love this set up and it is working so well. I didn't know how I was going to get on with the Day-timer, but it keeps me soo organised now.