Thursday, 8 December 2011

Day-timer week to view 2012 diary inserts.

My Day-timer order arrived today. Yay. So I just wanted to share it with you all. I ordered the compact size which fits the personal Filofax.
The first lot of photos are what comes wrapped separately as the information pages.

Then there was a leaflet on how to organiser your planner.

Then there was a today marker.

Then we come to the diary.

Then at the end of the diary you get pages of to be done in 2013.

And then plenty of note paper.

So there is a very quick look at the Day-timer 2012 week to view diary refill. Once iv got it all in my Filofax I will blog again.

My first impressions are, I love it. I love the different colours and pictures for the month dividers.

Thanks for looking!!!!


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  1. It's beautiful... thank you for sharing, I might just have to find their website...

  2. I'm a Philofaxy reader, although I use an off-brand binder (Personal size). For 2012 I ordered the DayTimer Garden Paths WO2P. I've used Flavia in the past. It's so colorful and cheerful!

  3. They are lovely & really show how plain the filofax ones are in comparison! Thanks for sharing/enabling :)

  4. It is gorgeous. I really can't wait to start using it!! They are so cheery in comparison to the Filofax diaries. Maybe they should take note!!
    You can order online at

  5. Hello!
    I have a question about those inserts: do they stick a little bit out like the FC does? I apologize if you had already posted a pic of it. My browser is not uploading your pics somehow so i can't see it - although I know how these Flavia look gorgeous!

  6. What a gorgeous set of inserts, especially the ruler/page marker! I'd love the Flavia design WITHOUT lines/appointment slots.