Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The search for the perfect zipped Filofax.

Hi everyone. I know I've been terrible for my lack of blogging lately. But I've been busy with uni deadlines and now I'm poorly.
Anyhow. Iv been on the search for the perfect zipped Filofax. I had Lyndy the personal lyndhurst. See here for Lyndy

Now I love Lyndy, he is such a soft leather he's just gorgeous. But he doesn't have an inside zip pocket for money. And as I use my Filofax for EVERYTHING, this wasn't working.
so I tried the personal Cuban zip in saddle brown.

This had an inside zip pocket.

But unfortunately I couldn't get along with him. He was to rigid, and I struggled to get money out from the pocket.
So I went back to Lyndy and kept an eye out for another one that would make me happy.
Then one day on eBay I saw this.

It was a Roxy organizer by Quiksilver. Now I love Roxy stuff so kept an eye on it.
£5.20 later (including £2.59 postage) she was mine.
On the left inside cover we have a clear horizontal pocket and two more above it, and a wide vertical pocket.

On the back cover there is a large zip compartment, an elasticated pen holder and a large vertical pocket behind the zipped compartment.

So the question is, have I found my perfect zipped Filofax???? Well it's not quite a Filofax per se. But it's close enough for me, and it's perfect. :)

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