Thursday, 1 December 2011

Wreck this journal day 8

Today's page has been left in the capable hands of my friend Jessie. I met Jessie on my first day at uni and we have been friends ever since. Jessie is just getting back into blogging and wanted something to start her off again.
So here is Jessie.

Today Tracy brought her “Wreck this Journal” into uni for me to do one of the pages- I was really excited about doing this as I have been contemplating buying one of these journals myself and now I know I will definitely be purchasing one of these soon!

The page Tracy chose for me was “hang the journal in a public place. Invite people to draw here” and I felt a bit naughty being asked to draw inside a book but it was really fun & got me through a boring lecture!

My doodles are the ones in the red biro and I didn’t really think about what I was drawing and just doodled the things I always tend to draw in lectures, typical me really- a flower and lots of stars. Sums my artistic skills up really- zero!

I really enjoyed doing this as it was something a bit silly and random but it was nice to think that I’ve made a little memory in Tracy’s journal, just one of lots we have together.

This book is definitely worth buying as it’s really good for making lots of little memories and allows you to do something a bit fun and random. It’s also a really good “outlet” as you don’t have to think too hard and for me things like this are a really good stress relief after a day of uni or doing assignments.

So thank you Tracy for allowing me to take part in “wreck this journal” and making me realise that I should definitely buy this book and I recommend it to anyone!

Thank you very much Jessie for being a star and taking part in my wreck this journal. I have a special one for you next week. :)

If you want to read more about Jessie, you can find her Here :)


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  1. Hi. I have been looking into writing a journal (something I havnt dont since my teens). I have looked at the wreck this journal a little and I want to know what you actually think of it? Do you write/journal in it at all of just do the activities? How much writing space is there for actual journaling? I am in my late 20's and I am worried this particular journal seems to be aimed at teens...

    Can you give some feed back on your thoughts of the journal (review)



  2. Hi. Thank you for your comment. I have just posted a new blog post called wreck this journal a review. I hope you find it useful.