Thursday, 26 January 2012

My funked up Domino

Hello everyone. Just a short post today. I've started back at uni so am shattered.

I read a blogpost by Zoe A clean slate earlier about her Domino. Iv never liked the beige cord that fastens it together and wondered whether a permanent marker would cover it up without leaving marks on your fingers when you touched it. Well Zoe did this and it worked. So that got me thinking.
I love pink, and I love the smell of sharpie pens, and luckily I had a pink sharpie pen.

So here was my A5 Domino before my attack on it.

And her it is after I finished with it.

Thanks for looking


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Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Vintage Pink Malden Debate

Hello everyone. Now this has got to be the most random blogpost I have ever done. I'm wondering if all of the uni work iv been doing has actually taken my sanity.
But here goes...................
The Vintage Pink Meat Comparison Test
Am I insane?????!!
It all started yesterday on Twitter, when we were talking about the vintage pink Malden. I love my Marco Malden to bits. However, it seems to have a marmite effect. You either love the colour or you don't. In fact the colour has been compared to the colour of meat (it doesn't look like meat in my opinion). So that got me thinking. Compare the Malden to meat. Now this is where you start thinking "did she??". Well yes I did.

Here goes. Last night for tea I had steak fajitas. So here is Marco with sirloin steak.

This photo was without the flash.

And this one was with the flash, just to be fair.

Not the same in my opinion
Then I thought maybe natural light may make a difference. So for tonight's tea we were having cottage pie. So out came the minced beef, and Marco.

Once again, without the flash.

And then with the flash, just to be fair.

So. What do you think??

Does the vintage pink Malden look like meat?????

Feel free to comment below.

I look forward to seeing people's thoughts on this.

And also whether you think ive lost the plot for doing this.



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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Introducing Dinky the Personal Deco

Hello everyone. Last week I did my Filofax review on the Personal Deco I bought. This week I would like to introduce Dinky to you properly. I called her Dinky, as even though the dimensions of a Deco are bigger than a Malden, she actually feels smaller if that makes sense. Let's compare. Malden dimensions are 140x192mm. Deco dimensions are 140x200mm.

Anyway. Enough of that. Getting a bit carried away with my two favourites fighting for my attention.
The set up I'm using is basically the set up I did for the My December Malden set up
It's just been swapped over to Dinky. The only change I have made is the Christmas section. This is now my eBay section as I had a clear out and put a load of stuff on to sell.
So I will leave you now with some pics of Dinky in all of her loveliness.

Thank you for reading.


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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My Filofax Family Portait

After purchasing the personal Deco I decided to sell some of my Filofax collection to pay for her.
Five of my lovely collection have been sold today on eBay, so I thought I would take a family photo before they left home.

So there we are. All of them together one last time.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Wreck this journal-Day 17

Hello. Today we have chosen this page to wreck.

I tried a pen to start off with but that wasn't very effective. So the next nearest sharp object was a pair of tweezers. Here it is.

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Wreck this journal-Day 16

Yesterday's journal page gave us this.

And here is the finished result.

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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Filofax Personal Deco in Ebony. A review

The Deco has always been a fascinating Filofax to me. Filofax describe it as, "Wonderfully decadent, the Deco personal organiser echoes a bygone era of glamour and elegance". They are right. It is gorgeous. The Deco is made from Italian calf leather with a micro crocodile print. Inside is cream pigskin suede interior. I kept eyeing it up and wondering whether to buy it, then after working things out and counting up christmas money I decided to go for it. The deco can be bought here at Filofax but when I decided to buy it they were out of stock. So I phoned up the lovely Dee at the Neal Street shop, and was pleased to find out that they had some.

My Deco was dispatched yesterday by special delivery and I am now pleased to share it with you.
This post will be photo heavy from now on

It arrived in fantastic condition.

On opening the box there was my receipt.

Then there was a complimentary pack which consisted of To do sheets, finance sheets, and A-Z telephone number tabs.

The Deco came wrapped in the customary Filofax tissue paper. And then.....................................................

As soon as I saw her I knew I had made the right choice.

The texture is lovely. The colour is a deep brown and the clasp is fabulous.

Then I opened up the Filofax.

The deco has Six vertical credit card pockets with a full-length pocket behind those. It also has a full-length zipped pocket. The pen loop is slightly elasticated so you don't have to worry about the size of the pen you use in there.

The Deco came with cotton cream inserts.

I have never used cotton cream before and it is lovely paper.

The diary is a week on two pages in just English.

Then there are cream tab dividers consisting of Diary, Notes, Projects, Information, Financial and Addresses.

The Deco has a brown Today marker with it, and To do sheets.

It also has both lined and plain notepaper.

Address sheets.

A-Z tabs with two letters per tab.

Inside the back cover there is a full size pocket with a popper fastening.

It is expandable and therefore very roomy.

My overall impression of the Filofax Deco is that it is amazing. I love it, and wish I had bought one sooner. The zip compartment is a bit too snug for my liking really, but the pocket at the back more than makes up for it. Measuring in at 150x200 mm it is bigger than the Personal Malden (140x192mm) but doesn't feel big at all.

Top marks for this Filofax!!!! It is the best purchase I have made. I am going to have a lot of fun with her.

Wreck this journal-Day 15

Day 15 gave us this page of fun.

Now I couldn't think of many ways to wear the book to be honest. But this is what I did do.

A neck warmer

A hat

A foot blanket.

If anyone else can think of any other ways to wear the journal, feel free to comment.

Wreck this journal-Day 14

Yesterday's wreck this journal page was
"Write or draw with your left hand"
Now as I'm left handed I decided it would only be fair if I did it with my right hand. So here we have it, my quite rubbish right handed picture.

Hehe. There we go. Day 14 done.

Wreck this journal-Day 13

Hello everyone. Wreck this journal time again. I haven't been very good at keeping up with this lately, but shall blog this weeks so far. This was from Monday.

Trace your hand.

Here is the finished picture.

This one to be honest was very quick and easy to do.
See you soon.