Wednesday 11 January 2012

Introducing Dinky the Personal Deco

Hello everyone. Last week I did my Filofax review on the Personal Deco I bought. This week I would like to introduce Dinky to you properly. I called her Dinky, as even though the dimensions of a Deco are bigger than a Malden, she actually feels smaller if that makes sense. Let's compare. Malden dimensions are 140x192mm. Deco dimensions are 140x200mm.

Anyway. Enough of that. Getting a bit carried away with my two favourites fighting for my attention.
The set up I'm using is basically the set up I did for the My December Malden set up
It's just been swapped over to Dinky. The only change I have made is the Christmas section. This is now my eBay section as I had a clear out and put a load of stuff on to sell.
So I will leave you now with some pics of Dinky in all of her loveliness.

Thank you for reading.


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