Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Filofax Enigma. The follow up

Hello. As promised here is my follow up post to Filofax Enigma-Love it or hate it?
The vermilion seems to have gone down well with the majority of people. There were only a couple of comments both on Twitter and my blog that said it wasn't for them. It appears to be the case that the red colour in the vermilion makes it less "squashed snake" like. However, people also agree that the Enigma isn't worth the £195 that Filofax are selling it for.
I absolutely LOVE this Filofax!!!!!! I love the colour, the softness, everything in fact!! Haha.
So let's have a quick tour of the set up.

Here we have my little beauty. I've called him Iggy.

On the inside pockets I carry my most used cards. In the pocket behind that I carry money. Well notes to be more precise. In the zip pocket I have stamps, and little notes/keepsakes. I am using my Bic 4 colour fashion pen that I just hook on to the pen loop.

Then we have my old faithful dashboard. This is a new one I made to go in here. It is my first port of call when I open my Filofax and has shopping lists, notes and to do on there, and general reminders. It also acts as my first tab.

On the back of my dashboard I have some daytimer self stick hot lists. These are good for the weekly shop or if I have a day where I have a lot to do.

Then I have a pic of my girls and a selection of note paper.

Then comes my second tab. This is my "happy section" and starts with train notes for when I go to London in May :). It also has notes that Imy has sent me and pictures that Esmé has done for me.

Then comes the information tab. This has personal details,

The Filofax lost and found page,

Passwords to remember etc, addresses.

On the left in this pic is the letters that Esmé is learning, and how to write them. This is very handy when out and about and I need to describe how to write the letter w for example.
Then we have my diary. I am using the daytimer monthly tabs and a Filofax German cotton cream week to view ruled.

Next we have a clear pocket where I keep my stickers. I
Love making my Filofax look pretty. :)

Then I have another pocket with coupons in for shopping.

Then I have my cards at the back in a card holder.

And finally in the popper pocket in the back cover I have my money.
I hope you enjoyed the tour.
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