Tuesday 10 April 2012

Filofax Enigma-Love it or hate it?

Hello everyone. Today we are going to take a look at one of the more controversial Filofaxes that
People either "Love" or "Hate". It is the Personal Enigma in Vermilion.

It can be purchased from Filofax Here currently at the price of £195. Now I shall tell you now that I didn't pay anywhere near that much as I bought mine new off eBay.

I was intrigued by this filofax as Filofax describe it as follows.
"The world's a catwalk so make Enigma your personal style statement. With a heady mix of luxury soft snake print leather and multi-tone colour effect, the Enigma personal organiser exudes an air of individualistic flair. Width 130mm, height 193mm."
I have seen blogpost comments that describe the Enigma as "Squashed snake" and "Roadkill". Upon opening it, I think it is beautiful.

It is very soft, and the colour is amazing.

I love the little f on the fastening.

The photos have come out very true to the actual colour of the Enigma too, thank you iPhone 4s.
The inside at the front is the same style as the Personal Deco with its card pockets and zip section.

The Enigma I bought was the London Fashion week edition.

It comes with cotton cream week to view diary and cotton cream inserts. The back pocket is the same as the Deco but opens the other way.

I love the Enigma in Vermilion. It is a gorgeous colour and very soft and stroke-able (if that is a technical term haha). I can see that people may consider the enigma in Brindle as squashed snake, but I think the red tones in the Vermilion carry it off.
The big question though is, "Do I think it is worth £195?" the answer to that is, No I don't. I would not have paid that much for it.
But, I am going to set myself a challenge. I'm going to use this as my "everything" Filofax for the next week and see what other people think to it. My aims will be to see if people like it, and whether they think it's worth the money.
Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave comments on what you think to the Filofax Enigma.
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  1. I love it!! It looks like a Chameleon on steroids! (same sort of dual-tone)
    I really like the details too (the clasp, the way the name is written on a single vertical line, the pockets). It's great you got it with these inserts too! Like you said, 200GBP is probably too much, but it is lovely and you were lucky to get it for a more reasonable price. I'd love to see a follow-up post to see what people thought of it!

  2. Really lovely! Looks much better than the "brindle" one. "roadkill" "squashed snake" LOL

  3. I agree with Josh as the red colour makes it much nicer :)

  4. Not one for me although I do love my raspberry chameleon!

  5. I'm afraid it is still a big no for me... I like my Filofaxes to have bright colours - I have a personal Baroque in Turquoise - but this one may be too jarring for me.