Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Filofax Pennybridge set up

Ok. So I have finally got round to blogging my set up in the Pennybridge that I purchased from City organiser

I do really like this Filofax as it has everything you would need in a Filofax/wallet combo. I just miss the Filofax 'love of my life' my personal Deco so going to go back to her for a while.
So here is the set up.

The left hand side of the pennybridge is the wallet section. Here I have my cards and coupons that I use regularly.

I use the zip section for coins.

Then there is room for more cards and a pocket at the back for notes.

I just have a small dashboard in the pennybridge.

I don't use dividers in the pennybridge as she only has 15mm rings, but do like this divider so kept it in.

I have my train info inside for when I go to London. Eeeek, exciting!!!

And I still have my Christmas decoration from Esmé inside.

I made my personal detail page look pretty with stickers from Imy. :)

Then I still use my day-timer monthly tabs. I'm currently using Filofax cotton cream week on two pages diary. It is the ruled one from Germany. I like having the lines.

Tucked in the back I have some stickers and notes.

I do have a few other things inside such as passwords, important addresses, note paper, two clear pockets with coupons etc, but 15mm rings doesn't allow you to carry much.

So there we have a quick look into my set up of the Filofax compact Pennybridge.

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  1. Looks lovely and practical! Not sure what I think of 15mm rings, though. Would be very difficult to squeeze into that. But love the wallet section. I bet this model would work very well for many people.

  2. That looks fab!!! Could I manage with a compact - that is the question...

  3. Fab colour!
    I've just upgraded to a vintage pink Malden & am loving the 30mm rings...

  4. Oooooo lovely! I'm very tempted I must say. I've got a Finsbury compact in raspberry and I adore the size. How do you get along with the zip? Is it a pain?