Monday, 23 April 2012

Why I changed from Personal to Pocket Filofax

Today I am going to blog about my decision to move from personal size Filofax to pocket.

Here are my reasons which I will go through.

Diary space.

I use my Filofax for my everything. It serves as my;

To do.
Coupon holder.
Password reminder.
Someone to cheer me up.

I thought I had all of that when I found Iggy the personal Enigma which I blogged the set up Here
He filled all of the purposes shown above.

My move to personal was only meant to be temporary leading up to Christmas. It enabled me to track successfully my Christmas section Here
Then once I bought the Day-Timer diary I fell in love with monthly tabs. Iv never seen these available for pocket Filofax so stuck with personal.

Now I'm coming to the end of my uni course I don't have anywhere near as much to write in my diary. No lectures/seminars/deadlines/to do etc. This got me thinking. Why do I need such a big diary? It's depressing when you look at it and it's empty. You can only fill it with so much crap to try and make it look interesting, and it is more cumbersome to carry around than a pocket. I got chatting with Imy one night on FaceTime and she felt the same. She did a Blogpost on it.

We came to the decision a pocket move was in order. As I loved the personal Enigma I decided to get the pocket Enigma and call him Ziggy.

Here they both are.

I said about my diary looking empty in the personal size, so here is a pic of this weeks diary with both the personal and pocket.

And here is last weeks.

A lot of the to do's in pink I don't really need to have in the diary. It's just a checklist.
And since I have made my own monthly tabbed dividers Blogged here I am happily back in a pocket set up. It ticks all criteria for my "everything", is more portable, fully functional, and the right amount of diary space.


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  1. Loveee this. I just ordered my very first pocket filo and I am sooo excited to receive it. I am curious where you purchased your ruled week to view pocket diary pages from as I cannnnnot find them on the filofaxusa sight :( Please let me know! I am a uni student but I dont get much coursework so the pocket is perfect for me but I really want those particular diary pages. THANKS!


    1. Hi. Thank you. I preferred them off the German Filofax website. I love this diary in both personal and pocket because of the lines. And the fact that Saturday and Sunday have the same amount of space. Xx

  2. I'm a huge fan of the pocket Filofax. I originally had a mini but that was too small and the personal size seems too big

  3. Hello! I saw your comment on another blog about how you wanted a purple finchley. I'm looking to sell mine for a great price. Just thought I'd ask if you were interested!

  4. Great post! I am thinking about a pocket too. I was interested to see the lined diary you were using in your pcoket. May I ask where you found that? I couldn't see one on the filofax uk site.

    1. Hi. Thank you. The diary was from the German Filofax website. The uk one doesn't sell it. :( xx

  5. You makr the weather forecasts in your planner? I thought I was the only one! ^_^