Monday 24 September 2012

My thoughts on the new Temperley for Filofax range

Disclaimer. The following post are a description of my own thoughts and feelings of the products.

Where do I begin????

I love Filofax, but am not liking the direction they seem to be heading at the moment.

To be honest, before the Filofax collaboration I hadn't heard of Alice Temperley.

As much as Filofax will not admit it, the first Filofax/Temperley collaboration was not a success. If you speak to retailers, not
many of the Affair rrp £375 or the Guinea rrp £399 have been sold.

So it begs the question "why did Filofax go there again????"

But they did. And did it badly.

So where do we start?? Lets start with the lesser of two evils.

Introducing the Violet
Filofax say "A fitting addition to any fashion enthusiast's wardrobe". Mmm. Let me think about that............No. Obviously I'm not fashionable.

To be honest it doesn't even look like the photo on Filofax website. It feels like it is made from the thinnest leather ever, and isn't as shiny.

As Helena Bloomer of SlamPR says, Filofax users are note takers, it's just as well we don't need the diary space as its filled with multi-language.

I would like to be convinced with this Filofax though. So if Filofax or SlamPR would like to send me one to trial, then I would happily do so to be proved wrong.

Now onto the next one.

The IKat-

Breathes a heavy sigh at this point....……

Why did you do this Filofax????

I'm sorry but this is truly tragic.
This Filofax is awful and I would be ashamed to tell people if I owned one of these. The Ikat is selling at an rrp of £45. There are far better Filofaxes for sale for less, than the Ikat. This is the worst thing since the release of the Apex

I can't even bring myself to go through the description of the Ikat. It makes me angry. Words used include ideal, accessory, fashionista, unique, (well it is definitely that) perfect for the party season.

It is cheap looking and I was mortified to find the way to remove the diary to become a clutch bag was to pull it out. The diary slides into a back pocket with a piece of plastic!! No fancy fastenings to make it nice and pretty.

Filofax need to focus on what their real customers want. Something which they have become very good at ignoring. They need to stop tragic collaborations such as these and focus on reliable binders,decent inserts, and listening to their fans and followers.

So Filofax. It's over to you.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. The Pen Shop in Stansted Airport hasn't managed to sell any Temperleys either and they are selling them Tax Free / Duty Free being in the departure lounge. So that brings the prices down to £333.33 (£399) and £312.50 (£375)

    Yet their other sales are quite good. Good range of stock on display, no gaps in the display as soon as one sells another is put in its place.

    The manager even remembered me from my last trip in May... scary!

  2. I wonder if anyone on Planet Filofax actually listens to their users or are they too busy cosying up to the fashionistas? I have two binders (an original from 1985 before they were given names) and a compact chameleon. Neither of them has a single Filofax sheet in them though. Why? Because I can't find any I would want to use, and it doesn't seem as if I am alone.

  3. The IKAT ones are just ugly. I love IKAT normally depending on the color mix. But those colors are not pleasing (to me) and not on a Filofax. Ewwww.